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User Friendly

User Friendly is an electronic musician and sound designer. While he has been making electronic music for the past 15 years, his main focus for the past several years has been working with hardware synthesizers such as eurorack and Elektron devices.

His artistic can be described as chaotic yet intricate with dynamic gestures, morphing textures, heavy bass, and intriguing rhythms.

You can find his music on Bandcamp and most streaming platforms, performences and tutorials on YouTube and a vast collection of User Friendly’s hardware experiments on Instagram.


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ASP8UF by User Friendly

Distorted and Crushed

An aggressive, distorted, noisy and compressed collection of 72 sounds are hand selected from User Friendly’s library of designed sounds.Screeching textures, heavy bass sounds and short odd rythmic clips will help musicians and sound designers bring a bit of chaos to their projects.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 Suite



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