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  • Dedalus Delay VST by Aqusmatiq Audio

    Dedalus Delay VST by Aqusmatiq Audio

    Delay, granulation, distortion, magic!

    DEMO: Fully Functional 15 Day Demo – AVAILABLE HERE

    Introducing Dedalus Delay, the ultimate real-time audio delay mangler.

    The plugin features a network of delay lines that are granulated and modulated, resulting in a truly unique and labyrinthine soundscape of echoes. Dedalus also features filters, dynamic and saturation processors with which you can create a virtually infinite range of effects.

    You can add reverb-like ambiences to your tracks, create evolving resonances, add rhythmic pulsations, or layer sounds in chaotic and unpredictable ways. What sets Dedalus apart is its ability to generate amazing organic and evolving soundscapes, from subtle chorus effects to pure noise. With its intuitive interface and wide range of parameters, Dedalus makes creating truly unique and immersive sound experiences easy.

    Developer: Aqusmatiq Audio | Compatibility: All versions that can run a VST3, AU or AAX Plugin | OS: Mac OS: 10.14 (Mojave) or later Windows 10 or later | Minimum Requirements: A DAW that can run a VST3, AU or AAX Plugin