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  • PMX 300 Series Ableton Live Pack from Performodule.comPerforModule PMX Series Ableton Live Pack

    PMX-300 Series

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    The new PMX 300 Series Instruments are a series of Ableton Live 9 instrument racks which were originally released in packs of between 6-12 instruments by category.  The packs are painstakingly sampled from the Casio PX-300 Privia Digital Piano by Animus Invidious of PerforModule,

    The samples which have been recorded through a dual triode vacuum tube at 96kHz/24-bit input with per-note reactive intelligent processing for maximum audio quality. Every single note (over 11,000 total) has been individually sampled, leveled, and processed with custom performodule effect chains.

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  • Crystal Goblets Eugene Ableton Live Simpler Sampler Kontakt Instrument

    Crystal Goblets / Eugene – Live Pack & Kontakt Instrument

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    Crystal Goblets & Eugene is a Free Ableton Live Pack & Kontakt Instrument created by PerforModule & FlintPope, add some chime to your productions!

  • Utilification Free Ableton Live Pack PerforModuleUtilification Free Ableton Live Pack PerforModule

    Utilification – Optimise your Workflow

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    The Utilification Pack from PerforModule is a set of go to Ableton Live devices for production tasks with controls to optimise workflow.