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  • 36 Pads for Ableton SImpler

    36 Pads – For Ableton Simpler

    Price £11.00

    36 Pads is a user-friendly set of racks designed for Ableton Intro, so it is potentially available to every Ableton owner. If you’re interested in unlocking some secrets of sound design in Ableton Live, and/or you’re looking for some dark, complex and imaginative pads to inspire your performance, this pad collection is for you.

    Flintpope spent some time writing over 100 original sounds in AAS Chromaphone and diverse instruments in NI Reaktor then sampled and layered and multi-FX'd them into complex pods of of sound in Ableton's Simpler.

  • Colliders Ableton Live Instrument Pack

    Colliders – For Abletons Collision

    Price £11.00

    Colliders will shake up your set with 60 mind warping instrument presets for Ableton Live that will keep you awake all night.

    Introducing COLLIDERS, a set of sixty creative Collision presets from Flintpope. Ableton's Collision is a scientifically designed sound-modeling instrument co-authored with AAS. It is capable of creating realistic tuned percussion, drums, cymbals, metallic hits, pipes and strings.

    But why stop there? Flintpope decided to experiment with the noise generator and long releases on the seven resonators (beam, marimba, string, membrane, plate, pipe, and tube) to get some ambient and evolving sounds that can shake a serious stick at Ableton's Analog and Operator synthesizers. These sounds are interestingly grainy and LOFI, creating spaces that vary between wide open and tightly focused in turn.

  • Cinemythica Ableton Live Pack for Tension & Collision

    CineMythica – Pushing the Boundaries of Tension

    Price £11.00

    CineMythica is a collection of atmospheric sounds designed for Ableton's flagship Tension instrument. This is a combined pack of dynamic presets for electro-acoustic and ambient arrangements that will drive your sound creation.

    “An abandoned cinema, footsteps, voices. Sounds in the back of your head. Who's there? Snatches of Archaos metallika playing in a tunnel somewhere.”

    Don’t think cinema - think Cinemythica. Cinemythica is a collection of 36 atmospheric sounds designed for Ableton's flagship TENSION instrument. Tension is essentially a synth that recreates the maths of string sounds, but in the hands of a sound-designer like Flintpope it can be warped and twisted into making some awesome noises. This is pack of dynamic presets that may just change your music.