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Flippn’ Grooves for the Novation Monostation by Yves Big City

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“Get ready to discover the taste of analog groovebox flavor with Big City’s Flippn’ Grooves for Novation Monostation! With 32 synth and drum patches, each designed to be velocity sensitive, plus a special modulation sequencer feature, you’ll find endless inspiration. Who wants some LOW end? Achieve beefy basses, TB 303 acid sound, FM toms & bells, and classic moog lead with paraphonic mode and offset detune oscillator. Don’t miss out on crazy glitchy wonky beats, lead arpeggios, and more with 32 specially designed sessions. It’s all about expression and fun with Flippn’ Grooves! #groovebox #novationmonostation #analogsynth #beats #grooves”

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