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Novation Circuit Rhythm

The Novation Circuit Rhythm is the latest sibling for the Novation Circuit so it would be remiss of us not to bring you content for it from our team of Circuit Artists!

Novation Circuit Rhythm
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LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack

7 unique Roli Lightpad M apps for the Novation Circuit

The LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack consists of 7 unique custom-built Roli Lightpad M apps designed to expand the control and possibilities of the Novation Circuit. Play samples chromatically, do some fingerdrumming, or bring full tactile control of Synth Macros using Aftertouch and Slide! The pack also includes a Circuit pack with 64 specially designed patches and samples to demonstrate the power of the apps.
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks / ROLI Block Lightpad M


    Chiptune Dreams – Rhythm Edition by Yves Big City

    Dive deep inside in the early days of chiptune tracker music.

    Chiptune Dreams “Rhythm Edition” is an entire collection of 256 samples that we redesign and remix, especially for the Novation Rhythm, combining the old school and the new school in 2 packs.You will find the sounds that rocked your childhood, brought up to date, while remaining faithful to the “old school” tracker sound of the late 80s and early 90s.From dirty, raw, and powerful sound to soft and brilliant sound, from the famous Commodore 64 to the modern synth through the legendary sounds of Amiga, you will discover everything you need to recreate,remix, and be one of those geniuses that will mark the time of video games soundtrack
    COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Rhythm


      Hip-Hop Foundations – Circuit Rhythm

      The Hip the Hop the Hippie… For the Circuit Rhythm, For FREE!

      HipHop is a genre that speaks to us all as musicians. This packs brings back the 90’s vibe like it was yesterday, soul, jazz, and funk are on the menu here, with plenty of room in between. The drums have been carefully collated in order to give you that old boombap acoustic drum feel. you wont find any 909’s here”. 
      COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Rhythm


        Techno Rhythm by Techtronix


        Techno is a genre that has been with us longer than most. The fundementals of techno lay the foundations for many genres such as house, trance, happy hardcore and more.The drums need to be tight and be able to cut through powerful synthlines and ambience as well as deep heavy bass.Techno foundations For the Rhythm takes off where the tracks stops.
        COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Rhythm



        DEEP TECHNO & ELECTRONICA for the Novation Circuit Rhythm by A Force Truly Evil

        The sound of Deep Techno & Electronica saturated with tape delays, heavy reverbs, ice cold atmospheres, and a strong Dub Techno influence.

        Deep Techno & Electronica is a truly dark, deep and introspective musical force, full of structure and style. Robotic, mechanical and soulful, always looking to the future.The sound of Deep Techno & Electronica saturated with tape delays, heavy reverbs, ice cold atmospheres, and a strong Dub Techno influence.
        COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Rhythm


          Delorean Rhythm by Yves Big City

          We bring the Delorean Vibe to the Circuit Rhythm

          Unleash your 80s fantasy and take your chance to imagine and create the perfect film score of your childhood.Our recording source was our faithfully Juno 106, classic Yamaha DX7 and many other iconic synths from the 80s to cover all the spectrum of this generation.
          COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Rhythm




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