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  • Spirit Beats by Sidebrain Product Thumbnail

    Spirit Beats – SideBrain

    Price £10.00
    Spirit Beats is a pack of twelve juicy, punchy, custom drum racks for Ableton Live Ten, presented along a zodiacal theme. Crafted by Ableton Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar (aka Side Brain), each of the included 16-pad drum kits is based on a different horoscope sign & loaded with useful macros.  
  • Ambient – AfroDJMac’s Grand Collection

    Price £29.00
    AMBIENT contains 120 atmospheric, evolving Instrument Racks for Ableton Live. Each sound is great for providing textures, sonic beds, and dense atmospheric worlds to your music. The instruments are made from a wide range of synthesizer and real world instrument samples, and each can be customized with expressive Macro Controls.

  • Crumar Mulitman Noiss Coko

    Crumar Multiman – NOISS COKO

    Price £0.00

    Based on recorded samples from the original Crumar Multiman-S keyboard first made in 1977, this polyphonic sampler features six different instruments.

    Also includes extra parameters which are not integrated in the hardware version, such as frequency modulation, filters and envelopes, among others.

  • ADM_Drums_AfroDjMac

    Drums – AfroDJMac’s Grand Collection

    Price £59.00

    An amalgamated collection of more than a hundred and fifty Drum Racks, one thousand Drum Loops, and two thousand Drum Hits crafted by AfroDJMac over the years, organized into a single mega pack which installs the vast content into one's Ableton Live Library in a usable structure for instantaneous creativity.

    151 Drum Racks 1430 Loops 80 MIDI Clips 4 inst racks 2333 drum hits!!