Dillon Bastan

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  • Samsara LE

    Samsara LE

    Price £0.00
    Samsara LE is an introduction to the feature set of the full Samsara Granular Looping MaxforLive device.
  • Samsara Granular Looper

    Samsara – Customized Granular Looping

    Price £15.00
    samsara - sʌmˈsɑːrə - noun - the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.
    From the creator of IOTA & Ecosystem, Samsara is a Max for Live granular looping device geared towards live performance, soundscapes and textures. Samsara gives you access to individual grain parameters and the ability to record audio input.
    • Up to 36 grains
    • Phase spreading between grain
    • Various playback directions
    • Individual bandpass filters for grains
    • LFO with basic waveforms and sync rate option
    • Input Recording
    • Internal preset system for parameters
  • Iota MaxforLive Granular Synthesiser

    Iota – Granular Looper

    Price £27.50
    Aimed at electronic musicians, sound designers and installation artists, Iota is a Max For Live granular looping instrument that wrings endless creative potential out of even the simplest samples, via an inspiring graphically-driven interface.
  • Ecosystem Modular Synthesizer Full ViewEcosystem Modular Synthesizer

    Ecosystem – SemiModular MaxforLive Device

    Price £27.50
    From the creator of IOTA, Dillon Bastan delivers his latest MaxforLive device: Ecosystem a pseudo Modular Environment.