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Dubstep Foundations by Techtronix

A truly unique, no compromise sound


Techtronix‘s Dubstep Foundations brings the modern Dubstep sound to your Novation Circuit Tracks. Featuring synth patches and drums that are pitch perfect and tailored for both Dubstep and EDM, as well as 64 samples, 32 patches and macros for a truly unique sound.
Developer: Techtronix
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Tracks (not compatible with OG Circuit it’s just too big!)


Dubstep foundations Brings the Modern Dubstep sound to your Novation Circuit Tracks.

With Modern Synth patches that will make you think they have come from Xfer Serum.

  • Space amongst the drums with long tail effects and ambiences.
  • Drums that are not only pitch perfect but last the right amount of time.
  • A custom chord progression in the sample pull that works for both Dubstep and Edm. “leaving you two synth channels free”

This leaves you with a truly unique no compromise sound.

Dubstep is a fairly new form of music that had a massive impact across the industry.

The very essence of putting the snare on the 3rd beat instead of the 2nd and 4th gave a half time feel. This in turn opened up room for the bass to be more complex and run riot while the effects to have plenty of space to sit in between. The kick drums were also not as high pitched as other genres, which allowed them to carry more weight. and sidechaining the bass under the kick started to come more prominent.

After its inception a whole new wave of sub genres was born. However Dubstep was to remain the backbone of a lot of popular music.

You will also find Dubstep breakdowns in most Edm tracks now, as well as pop songs.

The Drums have all been synthesized usng Vital vsti and ASM Hydrasynth and then hand picked from a massive personal collection. They have then been painstakingly whittled down to 8 of each. They will all sit perfectly in the mix without adjustment!

In addition all other samples have been synthesized for this pack exclusively, using ASM Hydrasynth, Xfer Serum Vsti and Vital Vsti.
This includes Hi Hats, Riser Fx, Vocal clip, and 8 Chord Stabs.


64 patches

  • 32 patches specifically made for this pack
    • 8 Modern Crisp Dubstep Warps, with speed, v sync adjustments and more!
    • 11 Classic Leads for both Dubstep and EDM
    • 5 Monster Bass Sounds, using Exclusive Techniques.
    • 8 Lush pads Patches
  • In addition There are a bonus set of 32 patches on page 2 from previous packs.

64 Samples

  • 8 Synthesized Kicks made in “Vital, Hydrasynth”
  • 8 Synthesized Hi Hats and Rides made in “Vital”
  • 8 Synthesized Snares made in “Vital, Hydrasynth, Serum”
  • 4 Synthesized Crash Snares with long tails made in “Vital”
  • 4 Synthesized Effect Tails made in “Vital”
  • 8 Synthesized Chord Stabs made on “Hydrasynth”
  • 16 Synthesized formant Bass Warps made on the “Hydrasynth”


Macros 1 2 and 3 differ per patch

macro 4 = filer envelop
macro 5 = filter cutoff
macro 6 = resonance
macro 7 = diode distortion
macro 8 = chorus/phaser


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New to the Circuit ecosystem. Techtronix has raised quite a storm..First releasing free packs for the Novation Circuit, along with a series of tips and tricks videos that have quickly gained him a following on his new youtube channel.With over 20 years of experience in sound design and music production, no stone is left unturned.Inspired by artists such as virtual riot, pegboards nerds, gabe miller and older artists such as calyx and teebee,Techtronix has an acquired taste and a unique style of old and modern techniques.He has a long history in designing software synthesizers on programmes such as Reaktor and VCV rack as well as making patches.

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