Golden Era Drums by SoundOracle

Hard-Hitting, Gritty, Punchy Boom Bap Drums


Craft Authentic Boom Bap: Discover Simplicity, Versatility, and Endless Beat Making Possibilities With Golden Era Drums.
Unleash the authentic essence of ‘boom bap hip hop’ with Golden Era Drums. This ‘drum sample collection’ boasts an extensive array of over 200 distinctive drum samples, loops, and MIDI patterns, meticulously designed to capture the essence of a gritty, unfiltered sound.The Ableton Edition serves as the ultimate “secret sauce” for any Ableton enthusiast. It features an intuitive ‘Ableton drum rack’ that streamlines your creative process, enabling effortless creation of unique drum combinations, the ability to save presets, and even generate random drum kits.Golden Era Drums transcends the boundaries of a mere ‘drum sample pack’. It acts as a remedy for creative blocks and a valuable time-saving tool in your quest for the perfect sound.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 or any DAW or Synth that supports WAV Files
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 11 or any DAW or Synth that supports WAV Files
Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle
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“I saw his technique on how he really pays attention. He really digs for the sound and the sonics.”

Timbaland – Legendary Producer

Best sounds period. Always know it’s going to be quality with any Sound Oracle release.

Busy Works Beats – Producer / Youtube


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Initial Release – October 2023

Golden Era Drums by SoundOracle

Boom Bap Mastery In One Rack

Immerse yourself in the Golden Era of hip hop with the Ableton Edition of Golden Era Drums. Featuring 235 top-notch drum samples, you have the freedom to pick, blend, and experiment, giving rise to over two billion potential kit combinations. Its user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with Ableton Live, guaranteeing a hassle-free workflow. Moreover, you can effortlessly save and retrieve your distinct drum combinations, and there’s even a random generator to ignite your creativity. Crafting raw, gritty beats has never been this effortless.

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Explore the Golden Era Drums Rack Features - Automatically Create Endless Drum Combinations

Ignite your creativity with the Random Button. With just one click, create one of over 2 billion distinctive drum kit combinations. It’s akin to stumbling upon a fresh drum kit with every click. Better yet, you can save your preferred random kits as user presets for later use. The potential is practically boundless.

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Dial In the Perfect Sounds

Dial in your perfect drum kit with Macro Knobs 1-6. Select from individual drum sounds to create unique combinations and kits. With Golden Era Drums, you’re the architect of your sound.

Mix with Precision

Balance your drum sounds to perfection with Macro Knobs 9-14. Adjust the volume of individual drum sounds to create a balanced, cohesive drum kit. Golden Era Drums puts the power of a professional mix in your hands.

Ready-to-Use Presets

Kickstart your beat-making journey with our carefully curated presets. Each preset offers a distinct blend of drum sounds, providing you with immediate access to a range of boom bap hip hop beats. Save time and stay motivated with Golden Era Drums.

Additionally, you have the freedom to save your custom user presets, tailoring your experience to your unique creative vision!

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Bonus MIDI Drum Patterns

Fasttrack your beat-making process with 20 bonus MIDI drum patterns.

These pre-made patterns provide a quick start to your projects, fueling your creativity and saving you time. They’re perfect for learning, experimenting, or when you need a burst of inspiration.

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Enhance Your Bounce

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Sauce your hi-hat patterns with the Closed Hat Doubler. This feature creates a tempo-synced echo, transforming simple patterns into dynamic loops for a richer sound.

Perfect Timing, Every Time

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Achieve a relaxed feel with the Closed Hat Nudge. This feature subtly shifts your hi-hats back, adding a laid-back feel to your rhythm and ensuring perfect timing for every beat.

Control Your Dynamics

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Add depth and realism to your beats with the Velocity Specialty Knob. Adjust the velocity of your drum hits to create subtle variations and bring your beats to life.

Enhance Your Bounce

Golden Era Drums Ableton Live Pack by SoundOracle

Infuse your beats with character using the Drive Knob. Add just the right amount of saturation for that warm, vintage boom bap sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golden Era Drums?
Golden Era Drums is a unique drum sample pack designed to unlock the authentic sound of ‘boom bap’ hip hop. It comes in two versions: the Standard Edition and the Ableton Edition.

What’s included in the Golden Era Drums pack?
The Golden Era Drums pack includes 235 total drum samples and hi-hat loops, providing a wide range of sounds for your music production needs.

What’s the difference between the Standard Edition and the Ableton Edition?
The Ableton Edition of Golden Era Drums includes an Ableton Rack, which allows you to select and mix individual drum sounds and generate random drum combinations. It also enables you to save your own presets along with the ones provided. The Standard Edition does not include these features.

Can I save my own presets in the Ableton Edition?
Yes, you can create and save your own presets in the Ableton Edition. After creating a new preset or modifying an existing one, you should resave the entire Golden Era Drums drum rack to keep these changes permanently. To do this, click the disk icon located at the top right of the drum rack title bar.

What are the system requirements for the Ableton Edition?
The Ableton Edition requires Ableton Live 11.3.4 or higher.

Can I use Golden Era Drums if I’m not an Ableton user?
Yes, the Standard Edition of Golden Era Drums is designed to be compatible with any DAW that can handle WAV files, making it accessible to all music producers, regardless of the software they use.

How many samples are included in the Golden Era Drums pack?
The Golden Era Drums pack includes a total of 235 drum samples and hi-hat loops.

Can I use Golden Era Drums for commercial projects?
Yes, you can use the samples in Golden Era Drums for both personal and commercial projects. However, redistribution of the samples is not allowed.

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