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Jim Drones is a patch designer for numerous award winning VST software instruments, creating many of the sounds taken for granted these days. We’re thrilled to present his debut hardware synth sound pack for us at Isotonik Studios! Here’s what Jim has to say…

“Origins Beyond consists of not only a selection of cutting-edge signature patches within the soundpack, but also offers Circuit users the ability to have both random and consistent macro assignments for optimal workflow. Each patch is designed to allow users of either workflow preference to use them to personal taste, with the ability to expand upon the hybrid random vs. structured macro approach when customizing. From atmospheric ambient drones, filthy basses, arps, and screaming leads, this pack features a wide array of sounds that are perfect all for Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, and Breaks.” / JIM

Developer: Jim Drones
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+


A Pack of 32 Individual Patches to include…

1. 80sHybridSynth 1 – Recreation of classic 80’s Digital/Analog Hybrid Synths with added flexibility.

2. AlienCodingPad – Shapeshifting bass that morphs into pads revealing hidden coded transmissions from beyond.

3. AlienSoundscapePad 1 -Similar bass-to-pad morphing, but this patched is geared more for drones and dark ambient.

4. AlienUFOPad – Pad with bit depth reduction and other morphing capabilities

5. BP Formant Lead 2 – Lead or bass synth with sonic destruction macro assignments

6. CalmEvolvePad – Evolving pads for building soundscapes

7. CalmPads 1 – Evolving pads for building soundscapes and melody

8. DistLead 1 – Dirty lead synth that can evolve into pads

9. Evolving Pad 2 – Evolving pads for building soundscapes

10. EvolvingWaves – Evolving pads for building soundscapes

11. EvolvingWaves2 – Evolving pads for building soundscapes

12. Feedback Pad – Evolving pads for building soundscapes

13. FilthLead 1 – Lead or bass synth with sonic destruction macro assignments

14. FormantBass 1 – bass synth with sonic destruction macro assignments

15. Growler 2 – Synth growls found through macro manipulation

16. GutterBass 1 – Bass sound for aggressive uses.

17. Gutterbass 2 – Bass sound for more aggressive uses.

18. HPFilthLead2 – High Pass Filtered Lead Synth

19. HPLead 1 – High Pass Filtered Lead Synth

20. LFOBass 1 – Bass synth with LFO that mimics delay effect

21. LFOBass 2 – Another bass synth with LFO that mimics delay effect

22. Orbits Pad 1 – Spacial pad sound

23. PadScape 1 -Pad sound for atmospheric soundscapes

24. Padscape 2 – Pad sound that is capable of atmospheric soundscapes

25. PWM Saw 1 – Sawtooth with Pulse Width Modulation

26. PWM Saw 2 HP – High Pass Sawtooth with Pulse Width Modulation

27. ResistArp 1 – Broken circuitry arp

28. ScandalousBass 1 – Filthy bass for aggressive use

29. ScreamingArp 1 – Filthy arp for leads and basses

30. WaveArp 2 – Wavetable arp

31. Whomp 1 – Bass sound for aggressive needs

32. Wowow 1 – Filthy Bass or lead


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Jim Drones

Jim Drones (aka Robert Cecil) started trajectory into the world of sound design in the mid-to-late 90’s. Having performed live throughout the United States for years with an assortment of drum machines, synths, and stringed instruments, the eventual move towards studio recordings seemed a natural one to be made. Collaborative release projects with world-renowned electronic artists soon followed, leading to his own label-released productions on Bass Frequency Productions & Street Sounds UK having reached the top of electro charts for many consecutive weeks. This led to software instrument endorsements from numerous developers, which sparked the idea to enter the sound design industry professionally. Having worked on numerous award-winning instrument projects in various forms, such as Gladiator 2, Electra 2, Nemesis, Saurus, and more, his focus then became placed onto the hardware side of things. The intuitive nature of Novation Circuit, combined with the ingenious design of the Isotonik editor, was a perfect fit. Jim Drones not only aimed to cover all bases for Circuit users, but also to push sound design into uncharted territory. His packs often feature foward-thinking approaches to traditional instrument utilization, while always keeping musicality in mind. With packs exceeding nearly 3,000 downloads in only the past couple years, it can be said that the transition into the hardware realm of professional sound design has been a successful one.

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  1. Use either Componentsstandalone or Components browser version.
  2. Unzip the Coffee & Beats Volume 2 file and look for the COMPONENTS folder.
  3. Inside that folder you will find the FULL PACK file which contains SESSIONS SAMPLES PATCHES. Remember that this will overwrite any existing sessions, samples and patches you have on the Circuit so be sure to back up.
  4. Go to Components and click OPEN PACK and locate the FULL PACK file.
  5. If you just want the patches OR the samples OR the sessions look up the components file named sessions, samples or patches.
  6. Use Components to load the data you want. You do this under CHANGE CONTENT for sessions/patches/samples respectively and choose UPLOAD function.
  7. If you are unsure how you can use this Bobeats Tutorial. Note that it is for an older version of Components but most things are correct still: CLICK HERE
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