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Techno Foundations TWO by Techtronix

Techno is for some a way of life..


The early Techno rave scene is responible for some of the hardware choices manufacturers made with grooveboxes and drum machines.

Techno Foundations TWO is an evolution of that. With a relentless poise towards industrial sounding ambient techno.

This pack is also filled up with modern and classic synth patches that both suit and extend the genre.

Developer: Techtronix
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Tracks (not compatible with OG Circuit it’s just too big!)


A pack that defines the very essence of Techno

We all know Techno is here to stay. a genre which has evolved over time, along with the hardware
which has been helped shape its sound and versatility, the Novation Circuit Tracks is no exception.

With more of a focus on Berlin Techno and the early rave scene.
This pack brings a Darker more industrial side of Techno to the Circuit lineup.

Incorperating both a Modern and advanced workflow, Using chance, Polyrhythms,
modern synthesis techniques, along with tailored kicks, chords, and stabs.
This pack leaves nothing to chance.

Techno Foundations 2 will be a powerful tool in any producers arsenal.
Nearly all of the samples have been made specifically for this pack in order to give it
a unique sound, and has been tailored to perfectly fit both the genre and concept of Techno.


  • 64 patches
    • 32 bass patches “including”
      • 16 complex bass sounds
      • 8 techno stabs
      • 8 reese bass
    • 8 Utility patches including a Drum Machine and Arpeggio Patches
    • 8 strong classic leads
    • 16 lush pads
  • 64 samples
    • 8 Kicks specifically made for this pack
    • 8 Hi Hats
    • 8 Claps
    • 16 Techno Stabs made for this pack only
    • 8 Techno Chords Made for this pack
    • 8 Stabs from the Behringer Neutron
    • 8 Exclusive Vocal Textures


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New to the Circuit ecosystem. Techtronix has raised quite a storm..First releasing free packs for the Novation Circuit, along with a series of tips and tricks videos that have quickly gained him a following on his new youtube channel.With over 20 years of experience in sound design and music production, no stone is left unturned.Inspired by artists such as virtual riot, pegboards nerds, gabe miller and older artists such as calyx and teebee,Techtronix has an acquired taste and a unique style of old and modern techniques.He has a long history in designing software synthesizers on programmes such as Reaktor and VCV rack as well as making patches.

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