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The Marmot by White Horse

Unique Saturation MaxforLive Device with 6 algorithms and flexible eq


The Marmot is a MaxforLive Device with 6 flavors of saturation along with flexible high and low eq bands for contouring the distorted sound. Designed for any sound source from solo instruments to complete mixes. It can enhance any source material in it unique way.

The Marmot Manual


COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS COMPATIBILITY: Mac: Intel: 10.14 Mojave or later Silicon: OS 11.0 or later / Windows Windows: 10 (64-bit) or later
Min. Requirements: Live 11.1 + MaxforLive is Essential – Version 8.2.2 or above
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    The Marmot by White Horse

    Designed for any sound source from solo instruments to complete mixes this six algorithm saturation effect is tuned to add heft and weight as well as adding clarity and crispness while saturating. Six flavors of saturation move from the common, to aggressive, to rude.

    All are tuned to start off tame and evolve into uncontrolled. The flexible equalizer consisting of a hi/low shelf along with lowpass and a clean signal highpass crossover of the low frequencies, this plugin allows you to contour the selected saturation into what you want instead of what is given.

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