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Tritonet is a musical abacus which provides an innovative way of learning and applying music harmony.  It makes learning music theory much more accessible by focusing on building the intuition behind harmony.
  • 600+ Scales, +200 Chords
  • Based on Circle of Fifths and sense of direction.
  • Harmonic Network inside Ableton Live Set
  • One-Note Dynamic Chord Creation
  • Harmony Tracking for keyboard players
  • Dynamic Pitch Mapping
  • Design, Redesign and Perform harmony
  • Full Automation
  • Let your MIDI clips play your chords
  • Play always in tune with your MIDI equipment
  • Control Resonators to give harmonic tail to your audio
  • Push integration
Developer: Tolga Zafer
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10/11 Suite or Ableton Live 10/11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS: Mac & WIndows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


Tritonet is a musical abacus which provides an innovative way of learning and applying music harmony.  It makes learning music theory much more accessible by focusing on building the intuition behind harmony.

Tritonet can be seen as an evolution of the Circle of Fifths into the 21st century, enabling a wide array of possibilities for utilising music theory both in the traditional sense and in terms of exploring new territories.

In modern times, the artistic side of music has been overshadowing the fundamentally quantitative and aesthetic free part of harmony — and this is how it was seen in the Quadrivium. Tritonet is attempting to resurrect this side of music, by bringing back the attention onto the ratios and symmetries which underpin music harmony.

Learning music harmony in medieval times took more than a decade. The Guidonian hand method, introduced in the 12th century as a visual helper, revolutionised theoretical education — it allowed musicians to learn it in about two years. Tritonet, introduced a millennium later as an interactive visual helper, aims to dramatically shorten the duration of study required to internalise music harmony.

1 review for Tritonet V2

  1. Sam Allen

    One of the most incredible inventions in Midi harmony made ever. The opportunity’s in making complex harmony through this thing are unbelievable, So excited about the future using this as a tool for studio and on stage. Cheers to the creator

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Tolga Zafer

Tolga Zafer is born in 1975, Anatolia Learned piano and composition from Faris Akarsu, Ilhan Usmanbaş, Fernando Benadon and Kamran Ince. Completed his Master on composition at MIAM/Turkey, his DMA UofMemphis/USA Taught in University level at both UofMemphis, Akdeniz University and Bilgi University for 15 years. Composed music for symphonic, ethnic instruments and synthesisers. His music has been played in six continents. Arranged music for multiple international ensembles. Performed classical, jazz, ethnic world, rock, funk, pop and electronic music. Designed a musical calculator, Tritonet, both for pedagogical and performance purposes. Continues his research on Music theory and Algorithmic composition techniques.

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