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For our second outing of the Vintage Breaks series, we’ve created another absolutely essential pack! If you’re into making Disco, Funk, House, Deep House, Disco House or any other genre where you want to create great sounding organic beats then this Vintage Disco Breaks pack is for you!
Developer: Jessica Saves
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Elektron Digitakt or Supporting DAW


Vintage Disco Breaks includes samples from 41 distinct Breaks, some that have multiple parts for a grand total of 56 loops. All the breaks heard on your favourite records painstakingly sampled, processed, edited, chopped and beat matched. No time stretch used, only old school cutting and pasting so as to maintain the best audio fidelity and the original swing and groove of the Break.

Presented to you in both 16 Bit / 44.1 Khz Stereo (suitable for most samplers and DAWs) and 16 Bit / 48 Khz Mono (suitable for Elektron Digitakt as well most other samplers). In each format there are “Full” Breaks and the “Chopped” up version so you can either edit the Breaks yourself or just drop the already chopped parts into your favourite sampler and start jamming! The mono loops have an abbreviated name so as to be more easily read on hardware samplers with often small screens.


Total download size (when unzipped): 130MB

Stereo Samples total size: 100MB

Mono Samples total size: 30MB

Disclaimer: These samples are presented for personal and educational use only, if you want to use them in a commercial release, to avoid disputes you’ll need to contact the appropriate rights holder.


  1. Michael Rasmussen (verified owner)

    I just grabbed the Vintage Disco Breaks and I’m LOVING IT! … These breaks are exactly what I’ve been looking for to kick start my classic disco house and funky house tracks and give them that “old school” flavor. I’m also impressed at the wide variety of breaks that have been squeezed into this pack. It will save me MANY hours from digging through the crates to get the true organic sound of disco. Well done! AAA++

  2. Pablo (verified owner)

    Disco breaks are absolutely amazing, became my #1 go to when starting new tracks. Proper old school gritty swingy drums, that sound like a million bucks.
    100% recommended!!

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Jessica Saves

Jessica Saves is the Techno / Ambient alter ego of Your Only Friend’s DJ and Production duo Steve Ferrand and Tres Manos. Based in the thriving party Mecca of Barcelona, they are at the forefront of a new wave of artists blurring lines between genres and bringing diverse crowds together.Both DJ’s have long histories as individual artists; Steve Ferrand was a fixture on the UK’s free party and festival scene, has released tracks on labels such as Urban Torque, Tronic Soul, and Steve Bug’s, Dessous as well as remixes for renowned artists like Funk D’Void and Milton Jackson. Tres Manos was a pioneer in the US’s club and warehouse scene and currently holds DJ residencies for Zoo Project in Ibiza and Davide Squillace’s This And That Parties and has collaborated and remixed tracks for Chicago legends such as Derrick Carter and Johnny Fiasco.In contrast to the fun loving house sounds of YOF, Jessica Saves is about a deeper exploration of Techno, Electronica and Ambient. Fusing pulsating rhythms over lush soundscapes Jessica Saves effortlessly bridges the gap between dirty warehouse and hypnotic ambient techno.

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