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Dubstep Foundations by Techtronix

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Get ready to amp up your Novation Circuit tracks with Dubstep Foundations! Our Modern Synth patches will make you think they’re straight from Xfer Serum. With space amongst the drums, long tail effects and ambiences, and a custom chord progression, you’ll have a unique sound with no compromise. All our samples have been synthesized exclusively for this pack, using Vital VSTi, ASM Hydrasynth, and Xfer Serum VSTi. Plus, with 64 patches and samples, including 8 Dubstep Warps, 11 Classic Leads, 5 Monster Bass Sounds, and 8 Lush Pads, you’ll have everything you need to take your tracks to the next level! Don’t miss out – check out Dubstep Foundations now! #NovationCircuit #DubstepFoundations #XferSerum #VitalVSTi #ASMHyrasynth

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