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  • Ableton Live Packs Niche Collection Bussification Master BusAbleton Live Pack Niche Collection Guitaritis Performodule Collection Four

    Niche Collection – Purposeful Oddities

    Price £55.00
    The Niche Collection is the third Mega Pack from PerforModule and the home of the expanding performoducussion amongst many others!
  • PerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way SplytterPerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way Splytter

    Clinicality Collection – Technical Tools

    Price £55.00
    The Clinically Collection includes Ableton Live packs for​ technical tasks, workflow optimization, templates, non-audio devices, etc.
  • DynaMixing Ultimate PerforModule Ableton Live PackDynaMixing Ultimate PerforModule Dynamixing Three Ableton Live Pack Auto Sculptor

    DynaMixing Ultimate

    Price £55.00
    DynaMixing Ultimate is a full collection of intelligent mixing tools designed for hastening workflow with quality results.