Niche Collection

PerforModule's Purposeful Oddities


Eight full packs providing an abundance of Audio Effect Racks and Instruments for Ableton Live featuring PerforModule’s less technical and more heartfelt tools. Bohemian bedroom producer weirdo musicians of all kinds may find good use for this far-reaching profusion of contraptions. Enables a gamut of capabilities from artisinal to zealous.
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 9.75+


Niche Collection: Purposeful Oddities.

This mega collection includes PerforModule packs of a more quirky and bizarre nature. For bohemian bedroom producer weirdo musicians, these packs feature intriguing devices to accomplish things such as…

  • Juice up instrument groups.
  • Emulate classic media playback formats.
  • Add zing to drum mic recordings.
  • Jam on electric guitar with a dope suite of dual amplifier racks. Make your own custom pedalboard.
  • Apply a bunch of different crazy effects… each with just one knob.
  • Add some weird, cool, and unique percussion instruments to your songs.
  • Visit the planets with custom reverbs.
  • Add effects to digital instruments which mimic the functions of corresponding “real” instruments.
  • Apply a zillion more (maybe not quite that many, but it seems like it) effects with just one knob.

The Niche Mega Collection includes eight full, self-installing Ableton Live packs. Each pack includes a lesson file giving an overview of the contents which open upon install and can be accessed any time.

These packs avoid collecting dust, being occasionally updated with new devices, bug fixes, etc. All purchasers will get all updates for free for life, as long as Isotonik Studios and PerforModule exist.

By purchasing the Niche Collection you will acquire the following Ableton Live packs:

Bussification – Racks designed for specific types of instrument groups, aux channels, and the master buss.

Drum Enhancerz – Racks designed for enhancing drum mic recordings and drum loop layers.

Guitaritis – A comprehensive suite of custom combo amps, exquisitely gain-staged, including stomp pedals.

Uno Plus – The first ever PerforModule sale pack, includes lots of stuff you can do with just a single knob. Effects range from simple, straightforward functions to outright wacky transformations.

One Knob Wonders – A second pack of one-knob effects, this goes deeper with even more next-level potential injected into single knobs. It expands on Uno Plus, adding a ton of sweet tricks and suave processors.

performoducussion – Percussion instruments recorded and crafted into interesting racks, each with special functions and bonus goodies. The pack updates over time to eventually include ten unique subsets of instruments.

Planetary Convolution – Reverb racks built using Impulse Responses based on celestial bodies (including dwarf planets) in our solar system. Each planet has a custom EQ contour and a custom effect crafted just for it.

PMX FX Plus – Racks for enhancing specific instrument types. Includes a rack for each “sounds” category, many of them based on the properties of corresponding physical instruments.


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