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Bad Onion Basser by Bad Onion


Take the legendary Roland SH101 synth and sample the hell out of it, rebuild it into an Ableton Live Instrument rack with 16 macros to give full sound sculpting capabilities and slap on an arpeggiator & FX Rack as it’s jacket, now it’s wrapped up nice and warm, send it to the RAVE!!With Macro Variations built in giving over 360 presets, you’re armed and ready for dance floor destruction…Whilst it’s called Basser it can equally be used for your rave leads as well, Basser is the gift that keeps on giving…
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 Suite


    Techno Foundations TWO by Techtronix

    Techno is for some a way of life..

    The early Techno rave scene is responible for some of the hardware choices manufacturers made with grooveboxes and drum machines.Techno Foundations TWO is an evolution of that. With a relentless poise towards industrial sounding ambient techno.This pack is also filled up with modern and classic synth patches that both suit and extend the genre.
    COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks & OG Circuit (Please Note Sessions are not Compatible with OG Circuit)



    Inspired Rave Stabs by BAD ONION


    The Bad Onion Inspired Rave Stabs pack is a collection of instrument and effect racks oozing with 90s flavour. The pack has been put together by sampling chords created from tuned analog synth oscillators, stacked intervals from classic 90s digital sound modules and the the tonal character of the Roland W30 and Akai S3000.All samples are un-warped to retain the classic pitch nuances of the era. Each rack has been carefully put together exposing useful macros and taking advantage of macro variations giving a minimum of 4 variations per rack. Within this pack there are over 400 variations of stab sounds to keep you gurning to the early hours.
    COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 Suite



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