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Bad Onion Basser



Take the legendary Roland SH101 synth and sample the hell out of it, rebuild it into an Ableton Live Instrument rack with 16 macros to give full sound sculpting capabilities and slap on an arpeggiator & FX Rack as it’s jacket, now it’s wrapped up nice and warm, send it to the RAVE!!With Macro Variations built in giving over 360 presets, you’re armed and ready for dance floor destruction…Whilst it’s called Basser it can equally be used for your rave leads as well, Basser is the gift that keeps on giving…
Developer: BAD ONION
Compatibility: Ableton Live 11 Suite
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 11 Suite


Come on, ravers! Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with the Bad Onion Basser – the newest Ableton Live Instrument Rack from Bad Onion Records! This baby was crafted with care by our team of experts.

Featuring sampled oscillators straight from the legendary Roland sh101 synth, this instrument rack lets you blend and shape your own unique sounds to create those iconic rave basslines and lead sounds that’ll have your heart pounding faster than a drum machine. And if that ain’t enough to get your blood pumping, we’ve also thrown in an epic one-finger bass arp that’ll make you pull epic screw faces!

But wait, there’s more! Our effects could make you peak early with controls like pump and smooth. You want that signature side chain sound? No problem! The Bad Onion Basser has got you covered.

So come on, fellow ravers, start creating those classic 90s rave tunes like a boss! Let’s crank up the volume and bust shapes like it’s the 90s with the Bad Onion Basser.


  • Sampled oscillators straight from the legendary Roland sh101 synth
    • Saw, Tri, Sub Saw and Pulse
    • Simple macros with just what you need to create your sounds
    • Blend and shape your own unique sounds to create those iconic rave basslines and lead sounds
    • Easily create new sounds by randomising the macros
    • 12 ready-made presets stored as macro variations
  • One Finger Bass Arp MIDI effect rack with classic arp patterns
    • Velocity and Vel Compress controls create new sounds when used with Vel to Filt
    • 4 ready-made presets as macro variations
  • FX Rack with
    • Beef control perfect for your onions
    • Chorus and delay
    • Simple EQ to brighten up or scoop the mid
    • Pump and Pump Smooth controls to give that side chain flavour.
    • Visualise your pump and smooth with the Bad Onion Scope.


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Bad Onion

Introducing Bad Onion, the masterminds behind a series of Ableton Live Packs dedicated to the iconic 90s rave scene. With a team of seasoned producers boasting a rich history in early 90s rave music, Bad Onion’s packs deliver an authentic and nostalgic sound that will transport you back to the dancefloors of yesteryear.These packs offer a selection of groovy samples, retro synths, and vintage drums that will add a unique flair to your music production. Embrace the nostalgia and elevate your sound with Bad Onion’s 90s rave scene Ableton Live Packs…

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