Yves Big City

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  • Street Dreams for the Novation CircuitSD_purple

    Street Dreams – Hip Hop Inspired Circuitry

    Price £13.99

    The fourth pack from the prolific Yves Big City is the Hip-Hop inspired, Street Dreams!

    • 64 innovative Hip-Hop and Trap Patch presets
    • 64 samples to allow you to explore the G-Funk style.
    • 16 Beat Sessions and 16 Demo Sessions.

    This is not a test, it's time to come out and play...

  • Chiptune Dreams Novation Circuit

    Chiptune Dreams

    Price £13.99

    To follow up on Start Something and Delorean Dreams Yves Bigcity has returned with a collaboration destined to become another classic Novation Circuit pack.

  • Start Something Novation Circuit Yves Big City

    Start Something – Yves Big City

    Price £6.99

    This pack for the Novation Circuit will be perfect for all songwriters that need to quickly start a song idea, whether you are into rock, disco, funk, hip hop or electro we all need at a moment a real acoustic drum pattern to get smooth inspiration.

    This session pack will deliver those authentic and classic grooves and inspiring beats that you can freely arrange in your productions.

  • Yves Big City Delorean Dream Novation Circuit Pack

    Delorean Dream – Yves Big City

    Price £13.99

    Delorean Dream is an brand new 80s Odyssey pack for the Novation Circuit, the biggest yet released through Isotonik Studios

    Consisting of Circuit Synth Patches, Sessions & Samples it's enough to fill a whole Circuit in one go!!

    If you're familiar with Roland Juno fat brass, warm bass & crystaline bells, get ready for some 80's Cocktail sounds.

    With a Synth fusion of Drive Style, John Carpenter and Depeche Mode this pack will turn your Novation Circuit into a portable 80s box.

    Catch here and now the classic sound but with a special twist for each preset.