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Futur Drill by Yves Big City

The futur of hip hop music is here


 Fusing raw, visceral, hard-knockin’ drill beats with tightly wound trap rhythms and ice-cold digital synths, this is why you are here.This unique production pack is the perfect starting point for producers looking for fresh, forward-thinking, and release-ready future drill, trap & post-grime sounds.So if you’re a producer who loves making hard-hitting beats, and looking for liquid synths, sultry melodics, subsonic & driving 808s, you’ve come to the right place.To get straight to the point :This pack will be the next secret sauce to take your beats to the Hot 100.
Developer: Yves Big City
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+


For a bit of history, the Drill movement developed on the South Side of Chicago,

And can be introduced as the sonic cousin to southern-fried hip-hop and the 808 trigger finger of Trap.

This scene was a significant vehicle of the early 2010s; rappers from other scenes and hip-hop stars like Kanye West, Drake, and Rick Ross collaborated with drill musicians.

From USA to United Kingdom.

While Drill music of Chicago fizzled out of mainstream popularity, a new scene was emerging in the UK and, by the late-2010s was gaining mainstream popularity, spreading across Europe, influencing the creation of drill scenes around the continent.

UK drill is now more influential than ever across the world, and we can acknowledge that London is now drill’s first home.

It’s not just about Drill. It’s about evolution.

Drill is connected with a lot of sub genres, call it grime, Trap, or even UK Garage.

This pack has been created to give you something fresh and new, by breaking the music frontier of Hip Hop.


Instant inspiration at your fingertip with 64 patches containing:

  • Explosive sliding sub
  • Dark atmosphere
  • Melancholic flutter pads
  • Moody Piano
  • 808 bass
  • Twisted voices
  • Dirty Organ
  • 64 drums lovingly handcrafted and processed on Studer tape A800 for a punchy flavor.
  • 16 sessions to unleash your creativity with advanced rhythm programmation.
  • Compatible with the old circuit edition ( except demo sessions )

PLEASE NOTE:  that this pack is not strictly for use in drill and trap music production, the elements are also perfectly suited for grime, RnB, left-field hip hop, phonk, cloud rap, and many other genres!



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Yves Big City

Stuck between nostalgia for the past and temptation of the future, Big City has been raised by the techno soul rhythm of the 90’s.As a result appears a mix of Disco New Wave, inspired by the rise and fall of industrial society.Always looking for the perfect disco pop beat, he combines two different worlds…featuring new wave and groovy sounds.His roots are, for the soul sounds, Detroit City and Detroit artists, from Iggy Pop to the Godfather of Techno, for the cold side, New Order / Joy Division are his main inspirations, Prince influence completes the funky pop side, and many more as inspiration can come from anywhere…

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