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Reimagine Your Legacy with 70s Gen Dream – Classic Sounds, Modern ToolsWarp back to a golden age of sound inspired by the visionary works of Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Tangerine Dream, and Jean-Michel Jarre – pioneers who forged the electronic music landscape.Featuring 128 vintage patches and exclusive generative technology, we’ve captured the warmth, grit, and innovation of the 70s, from analog textures and vintage beats to iconic Moog basslines and soaring arps.70s Gen Dream isn’t just a nostalgia trip, it’s your space gateway to create your own future
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit OG & Novation Circuit Tracks
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+
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1 review for 70s Gen Dream by Yves Big City

  1. Casey Gamble

    Sounds amazing

  2. Kari Bunn

    This pack is just gorgeous! It really has everything you could dream of as far as true classic synthesizer sounds and the ability to vastly change the sounds of each patch easily. And the samples are all true warm and gritty drums and effects that were obviously made with the labour of love that Yves Big City puts in everything he creates for us. Thank you!

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70s Gen Dream by Yves Big City

A Journey Back to the Dawn of Electronic Music with 70s Gen Dream

The year is 1978. Young Yves, captivated by the sounds of Kraftwerk’s “We Are the Robots,” is transported to a sonic frontier. The robotic vocals, the pulsating rhythms, the sheer audacity of it all – it’s unlike anything he’s ever heard, yet it somehow feels like a glimpse into the future.

But amidst the revolutionary sounds, there’s also a touch of romanticism, a characteristic melody of the 70s era, where exploration was boundless and imagination fueled creation. As a Frenchman, he can’t help but be drawn to the ethereal beauty of Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Oxygène,” a track that defies explanation, existing in a realm beyond the ordinary.

Inspired by these sonic pioneers, he embarks on a months-long odyssey. His mission: to capture the essence of these vintage sounds and translate them into the modern language of the Novation Circuit Tracks. His vision? To grant every music maker the opportunity to touch the spirit of the 70s, to channel the unbridled creativity of that golden age.

But “70s Gen Dream” goes beyond simply providing the sounds. To spark your creative flame, the pack also features Generative & Experimental Patches.

This innovative feature introduces a unique twist

Ever-evolving soundscapes:These special patches are designed to generate new melodies every time you play them, transforming a basic pattern into a fresh and dynamic soundscape each time it’s triggered. It’s like rolling the dice for sonic inspiration, keeping your music constantly evolving and surprising.

Imagine crafting a simple bassline that morphs and twists with each key press, adding a layer of organic unpredictability and delightful sonic surprises to your tracks. ✨

Don’t just replicate the past. Reimagine it.

At a glance:

  • 128 Premium presets including cutting-edge generative technology with dedicated macro control, adding a layer of organic magic to your tracks.
    • For quick access and organized workflow, all Generative Patches are conveniently located on the last synth page of the Circuit Tracks.
  • 32 Demo Songs
    • Dissect them, reimagine them, and incorporate them into your unique creations. Let these demos serve as the launchpad for your own retro-fueled musical odyssey.
  • 64 Samples including vintage drum and classic vocoder effects voices.
  • Bonus: More than 200 Samples from Texas Instruments “Speak & Spell” to add a unique 70s twist to your creations.

# All Big City Sound Packs are fully compatible with OG Circuit including sessions.

# Don’t be confined by genre, while deeply rooted in Ambient and Berlin School, 70s Gen Dream seamlessly bridges the gap to classic techno and other electronic music, offering a boundless sonic canvas for your artistic expression.


70s Gen Dream is brought to you by the sound designer behind Future Rave Dream!

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