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This free pack contains the best preset selection from the 5 “Dream” packs released by Big City & Erin :Delorean, Chiptune,Street Dream,Progressive and even the latest one “Vapor Dream”
Developer: Yves Big City
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit


This free pack contains the best preset selection from the 5 “Dream” packs released by Big City & Erin :

Delorean, Chiptune,Street Dream,Progressive and even the latest one “Vapor Dream”

You’ll find no less than 32 wonderful free presets sorted out by Category :

Row 1 & 2 will be dedicated for basses and leads and row 3 & 4 for pads and polyphonic sounds

All sounds are tagged in order to find the pack source :

D for Delorean
C for Chiptune
S for Street
P for Progressive
V for Vapor

And last but not least, those 32 Royalty Free presets have been updated to work well together and can be used in many different genres of music.

If you want to discover what those mindblowing presets are capable of, you are in the right place !

As a bonus we have included the best of the novation factory sounds for a total of 32 other presets BUT in order to keep the logic of the macro standard those presets have been completely refreshed to match Big City patches.

So as usual the standard set of macros give you an astonishing amount of tone shaping options and are as follows.
3-6>Magic Movement
8>Distortion / Chorus.

PS :Although this selection pack is completely free, there’s an important message with it: ‘QUALITY’.

Please use with caution and do not take it lightly 🙂


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  1. Use either Components standalone or Components browser version.
  2. Unzip the provided file and look for the COMPONENTS folder.
  3. Inside that folder you will find the FULL PACK file which contains SESSIONS SAMPLES PATCHES. Remember that this will overwrite any existing sessions, samples and patches you have on the Circuit so be sure to back up.
  4. Go to Components and click OPEN PACK and locate the FULL PACK file.
  5. If you just want the patches OR the samples OR the sessions look up the components file named sessions, samples or patches.
  6. Use Components to load the data you want. You do this under CHANGE CONTENT for sessions/patches/samples respectively and choose UPLOAD function.
  7. If you are unsure how you can use this Bobeats Tutorial. Note that it is for an older version of Components but most things are correct still: CLICK HERE



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