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EDM Foundations TWO by Techtronix

power and precision.


(3 customer reviews)
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EDM Foundations 2 is all about power and precision. The follow up to the best selling EDM Foundations for the Novation Circuit Tracks!By taking out stuff you don’t need, you’re simply left with greatness!
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks & OG Circuit (Please Note Sessions are not Compatible with OG Circuit)
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Tracks or OG Circuit! (Sessions not compatible with OG Circuit)


3 reviews for EDM Foundations TWO by Techtronix

  1. David Peer

    Great follow on from EDM Foundations 1. Techtronix has an uncanny ability to get heavy synth sounds out of the Circuit synth engine that I just didn’t think were possible. All around great pack with some great tunes, but the monosynth patches really have to be heard to be believed.

  2. Kristian Sagosen

    This goes hard from the get go, and I gotta say some of my favourite soft pads are here as well. Kudos for the old school samples, as well as a great variation of staple kicks, snares, hats and perc.

  3. alec.oddly.iv (verified owner)

    Techtronix delivers the good again, never been able to get close to relpicating the quality of his demos but love trying

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EDM Foundations TWO by Techtronix

EDM Foundations 2 is all about power and precision.

A strong foundation with no spare parts, while still being versatile.
This pack covers all EDM genres with ease, but with a strong focus on higher class production values.
Macros are Tight and coherant leading you on a focused and quick path.
Every patch is in key and in lines, so you can audition reeses or warping sounds with ease,
without having to switch octaves.

This pack is deriven from the phrase less is more..”1947″
By taking out stuff you dont need, you’re simply left with greatness.

Expect to find – 64 samples

  • 8 kicks
  • 12 snares
  • 4 claps
  • 8 hi hats
  • 8 perc including toms
  • 8 vocals
  • 8 chords
  • 8 reese

& 64 patches

  • 32 Bass Patches.. including
    • 8 Reese,
    • 8 Lfo Driven warps
    • Complex cross modulated bass and much more
  • 16 lush pads
  • 8 polyphonic soaring leads
  • 8 chord stabs

And rounding things off for the Circuit Tracks there’s 9 Killer sessions for inspiration!

PLEASE NOTE: There are no sessions provided for the OG Circuit!

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