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A limiter with Character!

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MaxHead is a powerful peak-limiting plugin for total audio volume control. It offers a wide range of dynamic processing, from gentle attenuation to heavy distortion.It features four limiting algorithms that allow for transparent and detailed dynamics shaping. Its “analog-style” saturator adds warmth and depth to the sound and adds the slight distortion typical of hardware limiters.
COMPATIBILITY: All DAW’s that can run a VST3, AU or AAX Plugin
OS COMPATIBILITY: Mac OS: 10.14 (Mojave) or later Windows 10 or later
Min. Requirements: A DAW that can run a VST3, AU or AAX Plugin



    1. thibaultsp

      I was wondering why there were no reviews for such a great plugin. Then I understood : nobody wants to reveal his secret weapon : )
      Aqusmatiq’s plugins are by far my best buys of 2023 and I can’t wait to know what they’ll do next.

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    V1.1 – Released 22nd January 2024

    • More stable authorisation routine

    Maxhead VST by Aqusmatiq Audio

    Introducing MaxHead: The Ultimate Peak-Limiting Powerhouse

    MaxHead is the pinnacle of peak-limiting plugins, providing unparalleled control over audio volume with exceptional versatility. This remarkable VST/AU/AAX plugin is fully compatible with both MacOS and Windows, making it a versatile and essential tool for music producers, audio engineers, and sound enthusiasts.

    Unleash the full potential of your audio with MaxHead, a plugin that empowers you to sculpt sound in ways you’ve never imagined. Whether you’re seeking gentle attenuation or pushing the boundaries of heavy distortion, MaxHead delivers a wide spectrum of dynamic processing capabilities, allowing you to tailor your audio with precision and creativity.

    Key Features:

    1. Four Distinct Limiter Algorithms: MaxHead boasts four distinct limiting algorithms that provide transparent and detailed dynamics shaping. Whether you’re looking for a clean and subtle touch or a more aggressive and edgy character, MaxHead has you covered.
    2. Analog-Style Saturator: Maximize your audio’s warmth and depth with the plugin’s analog-style saturator. This feature adds a touch of harmonically rich saturation, reminiscent of classic hardware limiters, lending your sound that sought-after analog warmth.

    MaxHead’s primary function is to act as a peak limiter, ensuring that audio signals stay within defined boundaries and preventing undesirable clipping and distortion. However, it doesn’t stop there; MaxHead is also a powerful maximizer, allowing you to boost output loudness and artfully introduce controlled audio clipping to enhance the brightness and impact of percussive transients.

    Let’s delve into the core parameters that make MaxHead an indispensable tool in your audio toolkit:

    • Headroom: Adjust the headroom in decibels (dB), creating a safe distance between your audio signal and the threshold or ceiling. This ensures your audio remains pristine and distortion-free.
    • Ceiling: Set the threshold in dB, specifying the level that your input signal must not exceed. MaxHead ensures your audio stays within these bounds, guaranteeing a polished and professional sound.
    • Attack Time: Customize the attack time of the limiter to shape how quickly MaxHead responds to peaks in your audio, allowing for fine-tuned control over dynamics.
    • Release Time: Tailor the release time of the limiter to determine how quickly MaxHead recovers after attenuation, maintaining the desired level of loudness while preserving the natural dynamics of your sound.
    • Limiter Algorithms: MaxHead offers a selection of four different limiter algorithms, each with its unique sonic characteristics, enabling you to achieve the precise sound you’re aiming for.
    • Analog-Style Saturator: Imbue your audio with the nostalgic warmth and character of analog equipment using MaxHead’s built-in saturator. This module adds that touch of saturation and harmonics typical of classic hardware limiters, elevating your sound to new heights.

    MaxHead is your ultimate tool for achieving pristine audio quality, harnessing the power of peak limiting and maximizing in one intuitive package. Whether you’re producing music, mixing, or mastering, MaxHead provides the control and creativity you need to take your sound to the next level. Don’t settle for anything less—elevate your audio with MaxHead today!


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