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Modulation Pack

AM Modulation & FM Delays


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The Modulation Pack is a collection of four MaxforLive devices designed by NOISS COKO, developer of the Control Pack.

AM Modulation & FM Delays, this pack for Ableton Live gives powerful control of your audio!

  • AM Module
  • FM Delay
  • AM Chain
  • Delay Chain
Developer: Noiss COKO
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


The Modulation Pack is a collection of four MaxforLive devices designed by NOISS COKO, developer of the Control Pack.

AM Module

AM Module is a versatile and useful device that can be used to create auto panning, tremolo or amplitude modulation effects. It offers four different modulation waveforms and several ways to determine its frequency, covering a widerange that goes from 0.01 Hz to 12.500 Hz.

Medium-high rate values will add overtones and harmonic richness to the signal, creating a classic AM effect that could be applied to percussions, synths, or any desired instrument.

While working on sync mode, rate values will be synchronized with Live’s global tempo, allowing to generate rhythmic modulation patterns from pad or string sounds. A chain of two, three or more modules with different configurations, could be used to create polyrhythmic patterns and more complex results.

FM Delay

This device is a stereo delay effect that offers individual time control for each channel, including also two oscillators as modulation source for both left and right time values. Time and rate modes allow to express their values using different unit styles: musical notes, note durations (sync) and milliseconds/Hz.

FM Delay covers a wide range of creative needs besides being a classic delay effect, working as a completely versatile tool that could be applied to all kind of instruments and sounds. Using low modulation frequencies, it’s easy to produce clear tones that result in deeper and intense bass sounds. Higher values will add harmonic richness and overtones to the signal, sounding like an overdrive, or even similar to a bitcrusher effect.

AM & Delay Chain

The Modulation Pack concludes with a pair of devices called AM Chain & Delay Chain, as MaxforLive devices these work in tandem with the others in the pack.

Delay Chain is an audio effect that uses four delay layers, where time values are defined using musical notes. For instance, if the selected note is “A3/440 Hz”, time will be equal to 2.27 ms, which corresponds to its period. Add notes and chords to percussive sounds or compose complex patterns by setting a group of automations. Each layer has its own level, feedback and time configuration. Their individual outputs can also be routed to the next layer before going directly to the main output.

AM Chain is an audio effect that uses three modulation layers, where amplitude modulation frequencies are defined using musical notes. For instance, if the selected note is “A3”, its frequency will be equal to 440 Hz. Each layer has its own level, amount and rate configuration.

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Noiss Coko

Formally set up in 2016 and currently based in Barcelona, NOISS COKO is a flourishing brand of music production software, mostly dedicated to the development and design of fine Max for Live devices for Ableton Live users. With a strong emphasis on the integration of an intuitive and clear user interface, the main goal behind its products has always been the introduction of instruments and tools that would enhance the experience of making music and working with sound, extending this beyond the given possibilities of Ableton Live.  Shortly after its first release came out, the project joined in as an active part of our collective and has published various products in collaboration with us ever since. However, early ideas and prototypes started off many years before that and were followed by a long process of research and experimentation around the field of electronic music production. All this experience accumulated throughout that time, ultimately gave birth to the first group of devices that later became part of both the Modulation Pack and the Control Pack. Besides all the products that are now available exclusively within our web store, NOISS COKO continuous to work on forthcoming projects and new devices to be released in the near future.    Link > Facebook 

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