GrainLoop by NOISS COKO

Granular looping & layering device


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GrainLoop is a real time audio looping device that uses granular synthesis as an alternative for the old classic and traditional linear playback. This sample based technique triggers a continuous stream of sound particles, that rearranged in time, reflect a rather mangled and often fractured version of the original loop.
  • Real time audio recording and unlimited overdubbing.
  • Up to four grains playing audio simultaneously.
  • Random and LFO modulation for Point, Speed, Density, Detune, Pan and Level.
  • Push integration allows remote control and automation of all parameters.
  • Automatically save and recall recorded loops within your Ableton Live projects.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 / 12 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 / 12 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 10.1.43 or Ableton Live Standard 10.1.43 with MaxforLive 8.3.1 installed


    2 reviews for GrainLoop by NOISS COKO

    1. Sascha Schneider

      Another fantastic device by NOISS COKO…..onlz plazed around with it last night and I’m already very impressed……will be one of the main tools for future ambient albums and eventually techno stuff too 🙂

    2. Simon Lang

      Cool grain thingy!!

    3. Luca Borroni

      Very cool device for glitchy and granular stuff!

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    Version 1.2 – Released 15th November 2022

    GrainLoop v1.2 Release Notes:

    • This version introduces a Sync mode for the Playback parameter, allowing GrainLoop’s playback to run synchronised with Live’s global transport. Only while the Play toggle is on, click over the Playback dial title to switch between Free and Sync unit styles (user manual, page 3).

    Play and Freeze can both be linked to Live’s global transport (user manual, page 2).

    •  Save works now as a toggle. While the autosaving function is enabled, GrainLoop will save every new recording on the selected path and automatically reload these files when the Live session is reopened. If the toggle returns to its default position, the device stops saving new files and the buffer will be cleared once the session is closed.

    • Previously saved, then cleared or lost loops can also be recovered (user manual, page 6).

    • Solved an issue that was causing the undo history to be flooded with Point values while the Play toggle was on.

    Version 1.1 – Released 13th October 2022

    Max 8.3.2 has recently introduced some changes that will affect how GrainLoop’s saving function is able to reload its audio files once the Live session is reopened. Even if Ableton Live 11.2 is currently using Max 8.3.1 and these changes are not yet applied, install the GrainLoop v1.1 update in order to avoid experiencing problems as soon as the bundled version of Max gets updated in future generations of Ableton Live.

    Solved a problem that was causing both Pan and Level parameters to be affected by the LFO when its global amount was set to 0%.

    Solved what was causing the Random Detune range to slightly vary depending on the Reverse amount. Also on this parameter, values were only changing to +12st between ranges of 0 and -50, while -12st only started counting from -50 to -100. Now ±12st are both considered as soon as the Random Detune amount is lower than 0.

    The Reverse parameter is now displayed as a float number while defining automation lines on the arrangement view. This avoids the need to scroll up and down to cover its whole range.

    Version 1.0 – Released 20th September 2022


    GrainLoop by NOISS COKO

    Just like Ableton’s native Looper device, GrainLoop is a Max for Live audio effect is designed to overdub and accumulate an unlimited number of sound layers as the recording process is repeated, but applying a variable degree of unpredictability to its playback phase, derived from the granular synthesis unique and characteristic nature.

    Mostly inclined to work as a live performance tool, GrainLoop adapts its behaviour according to the current state of its most important parameters:

    • Point: Each grain default starting position.
    • Speed: Grain triggering rate or frequency.
    • Density: Number of simultaneous grains (up to four).
    • Detune: Grains global pitch correction.
    • Panning: Their default location in the stereo field.
    • Level: Grains global amplitude.

    All these parameters could also be individually affected by two different modulation sources that enable even more interesting and unpredictable actions:

    • Randomize: Grains can randomly (and individually) add or subtract a certain value to their dials current position.
    • LFO: Individual amount controls define how much each parameter could be affected by GrainLoop’s integrated LFO signal. The latter offers both Free and Sync rate styles and a selection of seven different waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Up Saw, Down Saw, Square, Smooth and Random).

    How does recording work? GrainLoop doesn’t play its recordings in a linear or traditional manner, since it continuously shuffles these audio particles, applying a variable degree of unpredictability to its behaviour. That’s basically granular!

    As a consequence of this particular nature, the recording/overdub process doesn’t occur on the same buffer that is also being used for playback. GrainLoop jumps between two complementary buffers, following a very simple principle: one records while the other plays back. This avoids all sort of clicks and unwanted noises that will otherwise result from the process of reading before the recording’s finished.

    Only three simple steps you need to follow!

    1. Rec button On: GrainLoop starts recording the incoming audio signal.
    2. Rec button Off: Once recording stops, the new layer is ready for playback.
    3. Play/Freeze buttons On: GrainLoop starts playing a continuous stream of grains.

    One of the most common worries that users share when it comes to Max for Live devices that implement granular synthesis in some way or another, is how much CPU power is involved while they’re being used. This should not be a worry in this case, since GrainLoop is really optimised for the task and has very low CPU consumption (Between 5% and 7% at 44.1KHz 2048 samples on a MacBook Pro Early 2015 Intel Core i5 8GB; macOS 11.1; Ableton Live 11.1.6; Focusrite Scarlett 4i4), way below average compared to other devices found in the same family.

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