Pong Deluxe

Atari's Classic Re-Born as a Sequencer


Pong Deluxe is the Free introduction to the Arcade Series collection of MaxforLive Generative Sequencers from Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Towers.

Developer: Mark Towers
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


The Arcade Series One is a collection of MaxforLive Generative Sequencers that can be used on their own or integrated with Ableton Live supported controllers. Designed and created by Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Towers each device takes it’s inspiration from the hours spent in front of flickering screens down the local Arcade. Pong Deluxe is the free introduction to the series, just a little something to while away a few hours until you get caught by the Generative Sequencer bug and splash out on the full collection!

Each generative sequencer in the Arcade Series works in standalone mode or can be controlled directly by the Ableton PUSH & Push TWO or Novation LaunchPad & LaunchPad PRO!

The original device that acted as the inspiration for the whole Arcade Series, this is based on the classic Atari game, simple to set up and a breeze to use. Instant Generative Sequencer joy!

Fire moving balls around the grid to generate notes and create complex melodic and harmonic patterns.


Activating the device lock will lock the control surface to the device. This means that switching track will not affect the 8×8 pad grid which will still display and control Pong Deluxe. This allows you to have multiple control surfaces being used with multiple Arcade devices.


MIDI information coming into Pong is routed thru the device by default so that you can continue to play an instrument while the device is running. Switching to ‘In’ disables the thru function and allows incoming MIDI notes to change the key and octave Pong uses to generate notes.


At the heart of Pong are the 8 cells engines. Each cell can move in its own direction and at its own rate. When it collides with another cell it bounces and changes direction. When it hits the outer wall it will generate a note.


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