Scene Setlist by Ableton Drummer

Navigating and monitoring in Ableton Live's Session View made easy!


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  • All (song) starting Scenes in one view and quick and easy to navigate through.
  • Count-down and visual-grid for current playing scenes is provided and lets you monitor change to next Scene, song or song-part. Set the display of the
  • “Scene Setlist Monitor” pop-up window in your desired size and customize colours and transparency.
  • Add custom text notes to be shown – chord charts, lyric key words or other important info can be quickly set up via MIDI clips.
  • iPad compatible version included which will display all infos on an iPad. (Requires iPad App “Mira”)
  • Perfect in combination with Scene Follow functions introduced in Ableton Live 11 to run full live shows in Ableton Live Session View.
  • Count-down and visual-grid for current playing scenes.
  • Perfect for combining with Scene Follow functions introduced in Ableton Live 11.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live 10 Standard with MaxforLive Installed


    1 review for Scene Setlist by Ableton Drummer

    1. Dan

      Love this already and I’ve barely gotten it set up. Great companion to Follow XL. One thing I’ve always struggled with using Follow is being able to see where I am if I mess up a button press on one of the more complicated follow actions, squinting at the screen which I try not to look at most of the time. This makes it really easy, and I can show myself instructions when I have to do something unusual that I will probably forget when I haven’t played that song in a while. Pretty stoked to try the ipad thing too which will probably be even better for visibility.

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    Initial Release – March 2022

    Scene Setlist by Ableton Drummer

    Just the same as Ableton Live the “Scene Setlist Monitor” can be used in very different contexts. Playback operations for bands, live-electro performances, art installations – you name it. The Scene Setlist Monitor might give you new ideas on how to set things up and enjoy making and perform music with Ableton Live even more.


    The Scene Setlist Monitor device can display names and colors from scenes, clip notes and a selection of scenes which you set as starting scenes for songs. This will be shown in a pop-up window which can be resized and positioned to your needs. You can customize the display of scenes, notes, colors and the opacity for this window.

    You can also monitor the remaining playtime of the currently playing scene, meaning how many bars are left until the scene has played to its end.

    If needed, names of the former scene or of the next scenes (up to 3) can be displayed in the monitoring pop-up window.

    SET UP

    The Scene Setlist Monitor device needs to be placed on a MIDI track. Every scene on this MIDI track needs to have a MIDI clip so that the device is able to detect which scene is playing. Those clips need to be set to the right ‘scene-length’ bar time to be able to monitor it.
    The MIDI clips can be re-named with the text you want to have displayed as “Clip Notes”.


    Within the download there is an iPad version of this device available, this enables your iPad to display scene names, song starting scenes (a “Setlist”), clip notes and more on an iPad. For this you would need an app called MIRA (please check if your iPad is compatible with this app). As this is a second device you would be able to have different “Clip Notes” set up and displayed e.g. this way another musician you play with could get different notes.

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