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The Fade by Sxratch

A modulation tool derived from the rhythmic crossfader motions found in classic turntablism crossfader techniques.


TheFade is a Max for Live MIDI effect for mapping and modulating up to 8 parameters in Ableton Live. Inspired by the rhythmic crossfader movements found in turntablism and scratching, you can now implement some of these patterns in your own productions and performances.TheFade offers a library of premade fader patterns and also lets you design your own shapes which can be stored in one of sixteen available slots. Pattern bank slots can be triggered by incoming MIDI notes, so you can play them on-the-fly or even by MIDI clips or arrangements. When triggered, fade patterns can be played as loops synchronised to Ableton’s master clock or as one-shots. Fade shapes can also be copied and pasted between banks, allowing for further experimentation and creative possibilities.
Developer: Sxratch
Compatibility: Ableton Live 11 Suite or Ableton Live Standard with MaxforLive | Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live Standard with MaxforLive
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live Standard with MaxforLive


Inspired by the unique rhythmic crossfader motions found in turntablism, TheFade is a MaxforLive MIDI effect which can modulate up to 8 parameters in Ableton Live. This modulation tool can be useful for performance, as a sound design tool or even as a trance-gate style effect.


  • Bank selection: 16 pattern bank slots for storing different “Fade shapes”.
  • Fade shape patterns: Fade shapes can be chosen from a library of pre-designed patterns or can be designed from scratch.
  • Mapping section: Up to 8 parameters in Ableton Live can be modulated at one time, each with their own minimum and maximum values.
  • Slot triggering: Each of the 16 pattern bank slots can be triggered/selected by incoming MIDI notes or by clicking.
  • Duration: Each Fade shape has its own duration property which can range from 32 notes down to 1/64th notes.
  • Trigger-type: Fade shapes can be launched as either one shots or as loops which are synchronised at Ableton’s master clock.  
  • Copy & paste patterns: Fade shape patterns can be copied and pasted between bank slots. 
  • Crossfader Section: The modulation signal can be interrupted by moving the MIDI mappable crossfader slider for manually controlling the on/off state of the signal.


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Released 2nd November 2021 – Version 1.02

  • Initial Release


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Sxratch is the brainchild of ambitious developers, engineers, musicians and event organizers from around the world.Founded in 2021, the company provides unique products that unlock new ways of being creative in e.g. live performance, music & video production and education. Sxratch is committed to enabling expression and more creativity across all kinds of application areas, whilst at the same time ensuring very low barriers of entry for everyone.To learn more visit

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