If you’re looking for a compact yet sturdy MIDI Controller set up then the LaunchControl or LaunchControl XL may just be the starting point.
The Novation LaunchControl packs an awful lot into a tiny box. Designed primarily to sit in front of a laptop its small frame gives you the ability to control Ableton Lives main functions including Session and Parameter Control.
Knobs, Buttons & banks, it all adds up to a wealth of controls which should be more than enough for any user.
You can of course painstakingly MIDI map every one of those controls, but then you lose the dynamic nature of navigating around your Ableton Live set. That’s where our LaunchControl X & XXL Control Surface Scripts comes in with its on screen ring focus box to show you what you’re controlling and 16 Parameter Controls at the same time. It’s also compatible with PrEditor 2 should you want to define exactly how each parameter of your Live devices, VST’s, AU’s and MaxforLive devices AutoMap with the blue hand control.
As an add on controller you’ll see it in most press photos lined up next to a LaunchPad so you’ll want to sync the two together rather than having to remember where each one is in your set, that why you need LaunchSync

Novation LaunchControl Category

ClyphX Pro G-Controls by nativeKONTROL

A ClyphX Pro Accessory

COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 / 12


G-Controls are similar to ClyphX Pro’s X-Controls, but support additional gestures. In addition to on (aka press) and off (aka release), G-Controls support a delayed press and can also differentiate between an immediate release and a delayed release. So, G-Controls support 5 gestures in total.A few use cases for G-Controls
  • Momentary/toggle
  • “Safe” buttons
  • Scrolling
  • Parameter sweeps
    ClyphX Pro G-Controls Control Surface Script for Ableton Live by nativeKONTROL

    PrEditor 2 – Live 11 by Sigabort

    Ableton Live Control Surface Mapping Utility

    COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 Suite or Ableton Live 11 Standard


    PrEditor is an application that allows you to configure how selected MIDI Controllers map within Ableton Live to Instruments, FX, VSTs, AUs & MaxforLive Devices

    • Build up your parameters in banks & customise the name of your banks for display on the Push 1 & 2 screen, with up to 64 banks for each mapping
    • Customise the naming of each parameter for display on the Push 1 & 2 screen, great for VSTs that aren’t developed with the Push display in mind or MaxforLive devices that would only display Bank 1, Bank 2 etc.
    • Re-Arrange, re-order, copy and paste banks
    • Have blank spaces & Map a parameter multiple times across different banks
    • Access all of the hidden parameters of Live’s devices that were previously only available to Push 1 & 2 (awesome when using one of our custom Control Surface Scripts!)
    • Unlock the access to all of the parameters in a MaxforLive device!
    • Create maps for MultiMap VST/AU devices like Native Instruments Reaktor & Kontakt and Diva
    • Mix device parameters with send and macro controls in a single bank
      PrEditor 2 Ableton Live 11 Mapping Utility by Sigabort

      ClyphX Pro Bindings by nativeKONTROL

      A ClyphX Pro Accessory

      COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11.2 / 12


      ClyphX Pro Bindings is an add on accessory for ClyphX Pro that allows controls on MIDI controllers to be dynamically bound and rebound to parameters in Live.
        ClyphX Pro Bindings Live 11

        LaunchControl X by Sigabort

        Ableton Live Control Surface Script

        COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 / 12 & Novation LaunchControl


        LaunchControl X is a Control Surface Script for Ableton Live offering 16 Parameter Control & Session Ring Focus Box amongst other features.

        • Session Control
        • 16 Parameter Device Control
        • Return Control
          Novation LaunchControl Ableton Live Control Surface Script

          LaunchControl XXL by Sigabort

          Ableton Live Control Surface Script

          COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 / 12 & Novation LaunchControl XL


          UPDATED: User Mode 6 can now include the 8 faders for Device Control taking the maximum number to 32

          The Novation LaunchControl XXL Control Surface Script for Ableton Live adds Session Control, Mix Control and advanced 24 Parameter Device Control.

          • Session Control
          • 24 Parameter Device Control
          • Send & Return Control
            Novation LaunchControl XL Ableton Live Control Surface Script

            Channel Strip by Sigabort

            Ableton Live Control Surface Script Extension

            COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 / 12


            The Channel Strip Upgrade is an extension to a Control Surface Script that allows multiple Ableton Live Racks to be controlled across 8 tracks at the same time.

            Supporting our Control Surface Scripts for the Novation LaunchControl XL & the Behringer BCR 2000’s
              Channel Strip Ableton Live Control Surface Script

              ClyphX Pro by nativeKONTROL

              Advanced Ableton Live Control

              COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11.2 / 12


              ClyphX Pro is a deceptively simple scripting language for music producers and performers who use Ableton Live 11 that allows for easy control and manipulation of virtually every aspect of a Live Set in highly useful and interesting ways.

              With ClyphX Pro, you can easily:
              • Control virtually every aspect of your Live Sets using simple words or phrases (called Actions).
              • Trigger Actions in ways that suit your workflow – from Session View Clips, Arrangement View Locators, MIDI Controllers or MaxforLive Devices.
              • Store and recall Snapshots of Tracks, Devices or your entire Set.
              • Automate Scale Settings and other features of Push/Push 2 and Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts.
              • Extend the functionality of other Control Surface scripts.
                ClyphX Pro Live 11

                LaunchSync XL by Isotonik Studios

                Sync Together Ableton Control Surfaces

                COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PUSH 3


                PLEASE NOTE: The Exclude feature is not compatible with Scene Follow Actions in Live 11.

                The LaunchSync Series  began life over the coffee table in the office of Novation, the team there had an idea of syncing together their LaunchPad family with the forthcoming LaunchControl XL. As we developed the idea it became apparent that everyone has a different view of what made the perfect performance set up, whether it be an Ableton Push based one or revolve around an APC40MKII  the same things became clear!

                  LaunchSync XL Product Thumbnail

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