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Advanced Ableton Live Control


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ClyphX Pro is a deceptively simple scripting language for music producers and performers who use Ableton Live 11 that allows for easy control and manipulation of virtually every aspect of a Live Set in highly useful and interesting ways.

With ClyphX Pro, you can easily:
  • Control virtually every aspect of your Live Sets using simple words or phrases (called Actions).
  • Trigger Actions in ways that suit your workflow – from Session View Clips, Arrangement View Locators, MIDI Controllers or MaxforLive Devices.
  • Store and recall Snapshots of Tracks, Devices or your entire Set.
  • Automate Scale Settings and other features of Push/Push 2 and Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts.
  • Extend the functionality of other Control Surface scripts.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11.2 / 12
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 11.2
ClyphX Pro Introduction
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    26 reviews for ClyphX Pro by nativeKONTROL

    1. ndebello

      I use a Push2, two Xone K2 and a Launch Control. And I *DO* write code. But I must admit that ClyphXPro is unbelievably useful. And like all the truly great tools, the outcome is greater than the sum of its parts. I mean: you cannot imagine up-front what you can obtain with its bricks. You always discover new ways of doing things while working with it. That said, on the other hand, there are also many basic functionalities which I love a lot_ For example, I added a PUSH2 Display Message to almost all of my mappings, because being able to actually READ what it’s going on while you play is simply great! Well done indeed!

    2. Benoit

      ClyphXPro is a *MUST* have. It provides quick tools allowing to automate Ableton live without the need to make python code. Simply use macros names in clip and cue names and that’s call ! It is also expandable for those who need advanced usage. Just watch videos of clyphx and you will see what it can do ! It is so *FUN* and very powerful. It opens new ways of creation. If you use Ableton in real live conditions, you probably simply need it!

    3. cfeign

      this software is amazing. so many ideas for so many workflow optimizations. worth so much more than cost, thanks for making this!

    4. mk4kc5cmc4@gmail.com

      Mind blowingly powerful extension for Ableton. With a little time & effort, you can make Live do almost anything you could possibly imagine. I’d bet that every single person who uses Live could benefit in some way from ClyphX.

    5. daizok

      After just a few hours i can already say this is by far the most useful addition to Live i’ve seen in years. Just the basic actions offer so much extra and simplified control over Live, just awesome. I can recommend it to anyone, whether you’re familiar with scripting or not, the ClyphX basics are pretty straightforward, you can take it anywhere from there. 5/5.

    6. bitt

      FANTASTIC tools that get updated all the time, adding all sorts of functionality!! Every aspect of using Ableton Live 10 (+max4live) on stage has for me changed dramatically to the better.
      A must-have, indeed!

      Audun K, Norway

    7. schultz_anton

      This is great. Takes a bit of investment in time, but the possibilities are huge. This opens up so much potential for running live sets, automating the actions you want so you can focus on playing or performing. no more looper / effect pedal tap dances!

    8. ryanpierson87

      This software is so necessary, just based on beginners knowledge through the lessons in Ableton- saving/triggering snapshot, using macrobats worth the admission price.

      And then there’s continued lesson videos going on and you realize the program gets substantially deeper.

      Very cool and inspirational program- I should have purchase it sooner

    9. Timothy Trumbly

      I’ve been code shy for a spell but when I saw what Clyphx Pro could do I knew I had to try. Turns out it is surprisingly easy to tame the wildest reaches of Ableton with tiny bits of logical commands. I can finally control parts of Abe EXACTLY how I imagine. Talk about versatility, from clips, to racks, to macros, to constructing the perfect workflow. Oh, and the support system in place to learn and trouble shoot is beyond outstanding. I can’t get enough, and I know i’ve only scratched the surface. Truly a must have add-on to any Ableton situation.

    10. antandra

      ClyphX Pro has transformed the way I make music. It opens up worlds of possibilities to work in ways previously only dreamed about. It has replaced several max for live devices in my current live set, and it has also been exceptionally useful for production as well. I’m a web developer so I have some coding experience, but this application opens the door for anyone to interact with Live’s API with minimal knowledge. The commands are well documented, and you can save clips and macros for later use so you don’t have to remember anything.

    11. amtrax@gmail.com

      Absolutely one of the best purchases i’ve made for Ableton live. Preset Recall is a dream come true. No max4live patch can come close the the speed and effectiveness of this feature.

    12. Arthr

      ClyphX Pro = game changer! Helped massively with a simultaneous clip trigger problem when using live & bridging to Resolume..

    13. Kirkwood West

      Turns you into an ableton god. Snapshots and Recall are 100% solid.

    14. info64

      Wow, how good is this….best Ableton add on by a mile. Fine work indeed.

    15. jidehshieldrum

      ClyphX Pro ….. !!!! 100%

      What led me to CLYPHX PRO is the simple action SRECFIX for “fixed length audio recording” , i just scratched the surface and found actions like slicing quick, or slicing+ add midi channel + put in a simpler+set simpler in slice mode + arm this track, all this in One action, Mad !

      Snapshot & recall : mad also … and this are just 3 examples of the endless list of action availables , the max4live launchpad which can put the launchpad in “ClyphX mode”, and other functions are all welcome.

      + 1 for the examples aka lessons “ableton project” concerning ClyphX , very good for digging wisely in this gold mine.

      Sure with all those possibilities the learning curve is slow at the beginning but with experiencing it you’ll find yourself in some days writing some of your fav actions without checking the manual…

      The Manual which is so full that you discover new things each time you open it.

      This is the first “script modifying” like program i installed here ( by fear of messing my set up) , all those fears vanished with clyphx pro , nuff more to discover.

      big up to the team!

    16. Nick Coleman

      Definitely one of the best purchases I have made. If you are scratching your head thinking why doesn’t Ableton let me do that, chances are that Clyphx Pro can. Keep up the great work Isotonik. Best regards, Nick Coleman

    17. Peter Mojzes

      ClyphX pro is in the core of my production and live show Ableton templates. Thanks to a very good documentation and excellent support, I am able to figure out everything in a short amount of time. Thank you, developement and support team!

    18. trigital

      Effective, comprehensive, significant extension of workflow and really opens the DAW for live engagement! I use it in my Telemidi operations – http://www.telemidi.com

    19. ales

      Probably the best partner for Ableton Live. Awesome and with no end tool to make your ideas for the things Ableton can’t do per se. The more I dig on it more in love.

    20. Northman

      Incredible piece of software! ClyphX Pro combined with the Smart Dial from the Modular Series have totally revolutionized my workflow in Live. I’m coming from a long background of using linear DAWS as Pro Tools and Cubase, so I have struggled a little bit on understanding how to take advantage of the potential that Live offers. But when I started using software from Isotonik Studios I managed to do all of the things I creatively envisioned but simply couldn’t wrap my head around before. And the customer support is absolutely glorious! I had some problems getting X-Controls to work because of user error, and Sam, an absolute chad, from support patiently guided me through all the problems despite me making laughable mistakes in the process. So thank you Isotonik for incredible software and brilliant support!

    21. bahadorwat

      Can’t recommend it enough. an absolute game changer for life performances

    22. Sébastien BERNARD

      ClyphX is an awesome software, allowing to push the possibilities of Ableton Live way further. I’m a long time Ableton user, on a daily basis, I know it pretty well, and I could achieve things Ableton Live couldn’t simply do, and in a very easy, comprehensive way. For example, being able to manage different parameters from several tracks in a session with only one knob was a game changer and an insane time saver ! Of course there’s a learning curve, proportional to all the possibilities offered by ClyphX, but in the end, you replace the “I wish I could do this and that…” by “I CAN DO this and that…”. Thanks a lot Isotonik !

    23. Jideh High

      Yes ISOTONIK , great surprise that CLYPHXPRO update to live 11 compatibility is free for Clyphx pro earlier owners
      …Still blown away by the possibilities , and was waiting for this before installing Live 11 as clyphx was a big part
      of the workflow ( ableton shortcut via clyphx pro command thru ARSENAL) and several other things.
      Since 11 Ableton add several things done earlier only via Clyphx as SNAPSHOT or RANDOMISATION
      so cant wait to see what NATIVE KONTROL added on this new version , Will be back with some example of how we use it here
      BOOM !

    24. Beeellecee

      I am a code-shy musician so 10 minutes after buying ClyphX Pro I am looking at the manual thinking “what have I done” . 48 Hours later I am like “so glad I did that!” The first 24 hours was like a bad hangover because there is a learning curve. Luckily there is a fantastic “owners” support group and once you have the basics the other pieces fall into place. The result is creative freedom – because so many of the really annoying obstacles in Ableton Live suddenly are not obstacles any more. For me ClyphX has unlocked potential in Ableton, and creativity in myself.

      Hint: Have chocolate and coffee when opening the manual – it helps!

    25. Nick Moore

      absolute banger

    26. ym.49.lami

      I bought Clyphx Pro two weeks ago, it’s a great product that allows you to do a lot of great controls that you couldn’t do natively with Ableton Live!
      I love this virtual control surface, for my part, the ClyphX Rack is one of my favorite functions, it allows me to edit a lot of things very simply in clips (see in a single clip for an entire song / by removing the “Stop” buttons directly below the clip of the track containing this ClyphX Rack) via the Piano Roll!
      My best investment for Ableton Live, ClyphX is one of the best current PlugIns for this famous DAW!!!

    27. Keenan Bruni

      Unbelievably powerful addition to Ableton Live. To the developers who took the time to create this… thank you.

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    ClyphX Pro by nativeKONTROL

    Discover the next level of control over Ableton Live 11. No matter how you use Live, ClyphX Pro offers features that you’ll find indispensable on stage, in the studio and beyond.

    With ClyphX Pro, you can easily:

    • Control virtually every aspect of your Live Sets using simple words or phrases (called Actions).
    • Trigger Actions in ways that suit your workflow – from Session View Clips, Arrangement View Locators, MIDI Controllers or MaxforLive Devices.
    • Store and recall Snapshots of Tracks, Devices or your entire Set.
    • Automate Scale Settings and other features of Push/Push 2 and Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts.
    • Extend the functionality of other Control Surface scripts.

    ClyphX Pro also includes:

    • A component (called Macrobat) that adds new functionality to Live Racks.
    • Script Linking that can link up to 6 Control Surface scripts together in various ways.
    • Premade MaxforLive Devices that allow for new functionality such as sequencing Actions from MIDI Clips.
    • Live Lessons and example Sets to get you up and running quickly.



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