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ClyphX Pro Bindings by nativeKONTROL

A ClyphX Pro Accessory


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ClyphX Pro Bindings is an add on accessory for ClyphX Pro that allows controls on MIDI controllers to be dynamically bound and rebound to parameters in Live.
Developer: nativeKONTROL
Compatibility: Ableton Live 11.2
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: ClyphX Pro v1.3.0 or later – Ableton Live 11.2 (ABLETON LIVE 10 VERSION PROVIDED WITHOUT SUPPORT)


At the heart of ClyphX Pro is an extremely powerful Action dispatching engine that allows you to trigger a wide array of Actions from a variety of trigger types. However, this engine does not support the use of continuous controls (knobs/faders/encoders) or LED feedback to indicate the state of things going on in Live. ClyphX Pro Bindings fills this void.

ClyphX Pro Bindings allows controls on MIDI controllers to be dynamically bound and rebound to parameters in Live. This provides functionality that is somewhat similar to MIDI mapping in Live, but is far more dynamic in the sense that your bindings can change over the course of a Live Set, you can bind to parameters (such as parameters of the selected Track) that cannot be MIDI mapped and your bindings will work with any Live Set!

Of course, this functionality is tightly integrated into ClyphX Pro and uses the same terminology used in ClyphX Pro for specifying parameters to bind to, so there is virtually no learning curve – just more possibilities.

3 reviews for ClyphX Pro Bindings by nativeKONTROL


    I tested the beta of this and it was a phenomenal idea. I’m so excited to try to the official version. I would rate it 5 stars from the idea and beta alone! I’ll happily follow up with my thoughts on the official product. I’m excited!

  2. Kirkwood West (verified owner)

    Must have add-on for clyphx. This is the simplest and most flexible way to go about customizing your midi controller.

    One thing i set up is an automapped channelstrip setup for my Midifighter twister. No 8 Macro limitation, No extra VST wrapper needed. by simply selecting a track I have instant access to the volume, pan, and sends. Additionally I have it set up so if there are certain VSTs on the chain it will Automap to those as well. I don’t even have to select the device. just the track.

    Ive got this set up as well so in certain parts of my set knobs are mapped to the crucial elements for tweaking. I have different clyphx clips that switch the mapping per section! I’m not sure of any other midi controller/macro set up that can have this type of flexibility.

  3. André Mendes (verified owner)

    Yap same setup here. The MF just simply flies with bindings. I’ve also setup 4 of the switches to move across the 4 available banks because switching from the buttons on the side is not very practical. Anyway from one single bank I can quickly jump between 8 different tracks and control 8 plugs all from the same controller. And because all this is running from the bindings extension, when moving to other tracks or selecting devices from other midi controllers connected the midi fighter always stays focused on the current binded plug. Just amazing

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Please refer directly to the ClyphX Pro manual for this product.



Founded in January of 2008 by Sam ‘Stray’ Hurley, nativeKONTROL offers innovative software solutions for intelligent and elegant control over DAWs (primarily Ableton Live) via MIDI controllers/control surfaces. nativeKONTROL’s products are currently in use by tens of thousands of performers and producers worldwide.To date, nativeKONTROL’s PXT Series for Ableton Push and ClyphX Pro control surface script, essentially a simple scripting language for Ableton Live, are its most widely known and used products. nativeKONTROL has also collaborated with many performers, producers, hardware manufacturers and software developers on customized solutions over the years. Most notably, nativeKONTROL worked with a team at Ableton to create the Launchpad Pro control surface script that is included with Live 9.

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