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  • Chance_TEN_ParameterChance_TEN_Velocity_Sequencer

    Chance TEN – Probability Based Inspiration

    Price £21.99

    The Chance TEN pack is a set of simple MaxforLive devices based on probability and randomness, inspired by the scripts used by Brian Eno. These MIDI devices allow you to set the probability of notes passing through or being altered, in their pitch and velocity values. Other devices use MIDI input to trigger parameters in Live. Creating these as single function devices allows you to mix and match as you like and create unique MIDI FX chains.

    As a bonus, you also get one device which is not based on chance, a velocity sequencer which will change the velocity of any incoming notes, instantly adding movement and life to any dry MIDI

  • LP Pack LDM Devices MaxforLive Sequencers for the Novation Launchpadparagome MaxforLive Sequencer for the Novation LaunchPad

    LP Pack – For the Novation LaunchPad

    Price £21.50

    The LP Pack from LDM Design is a further extension of the work you may have already seen on LDM Design website the home of such beauties as Manglerack & Hepta Delay.

    Their first three devices for us combine into an awesome pack of MaxforLive Sequencers for the Novation LaunchPad, compatible with the MKI, MKII, S and MINI Variants.

    • Orbit
    • Paragome
    • S7epper MKII
  • PerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way SplytterPerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way Splytter

    Clinicality Collection – Technical Tools

    Price £55.00

    The Clinicality Collection includes Ableton Live packs for​ technical tasks, workflow optimization, templates, non-audio devices. Consisting of nine previously available PerforModule Live Packs this is a bargain Mega pack!

    • Advanced Splytterz
    • Amplitude Operands
    • Dephaultz Rack Pack
    • Groovification 1 & 2
    • Harmonicality
    • Note Range Setters
    • Testy Mastering
    • TranzMuterz & Electorz

  • Ghosts LE

    Ghosts LE – Generative MIDI Sequencer

    Price £0.00

    Ghosts LE is a MaxforLive Generative Sequencer for Ableton Live that takes it's inspiration from the classic pill munching Arcade Game, PacMan.

  • Arcade Series Returns MaxforLive DeviceArcade Series Returns Ghosts MaxforLive Device

    Arcade Series Returns

    Price £27.50

    The Arcade Series Returns is the follow up to the hugely successful MaxforLive Generative Sequencers the Arcade Series ONE. Designed by Ableton Certified trainer Mark Towers and inspired by classic retro Arcade Games each one can provide inspiration for rhythm or melody!

    Consisting of four MaxforLive generative sequencers, the Arcade Series Returns can help defeat writers block or be the beginning of that inspirational piece of music. Each device is fully compatible and controllable with 8x8 grid based controllers Push 1, Push 2, Launchpad MINI, MK1, MK2 & PRO and the Native Instruments Maschine Jam.

    Across the Arcade Series Returns is an inbuilt loop feature which can work on an individual element or globally. When you come up with a rhythm or melody you want to save you can also press a single button and export the pattern directly into an Ableton Live MIDI clip.

  • Repeat Noiss Coko MaxforLive MIDI Sequencer

    Repeat – 16 Step MIDI Sequencer

    Price £0.00
    Repeat is a sixteen step MaxforLive midi sequencer that allows you to program sequences step by step and create new rhythms and melodies.
  • PP-Labs Production & Performance ToolkitPP-Labs Production

    Production & Performance ToolChain – Preset Manager

    Price £30.00

    PPTC (Production & Performance ToolChain) by pp-labs is designed to capture your creativity in Ableton Live and bring some of those funky moments of producing & performing music under effortless control. Like one of those moments when you run around in your studio and tweak a sound on some synth and suddenly everything feels in place or when you progress a melody part to another and you feel the song developing in the right way.

    PPTC lets you capture these moments for instant recall later, by turning your creativity into presets – allowing enhancement of your personal workflow, unburdened from its underlying complexities.

  • EraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI ArpEraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI Tools

    eraserMice Collection – OSCular, ProSession & Cognition

    Price £32.00

    We've gathered together all of the MaxforLive Devices from eraserMice's trio of packs and presented them as one bargain bundle!

    • ProSession Mixing Tools
    • Cognition Idea Tools
    • OSCular Series
  • EraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI ToolsEraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI Arp

    CogNition Idea Tools – Break your Writers Block

    Price £17.50

    We’ve all experienced the dreaded blank page, or even gotten bored and stale with a project we’ve been staring at for maybe a bit too long. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to spice up a session or arrangement for use live. The CogNition Idea Tools are just what the Dr. ordered!

  • LaunchPad PRO Frame Performer LightShow

    Frame Lightshow Performer – PlayBack LightShows

    Price £0.00

    If you want to play Lightshows on the Novation Launchpad or Ableton Push created by other Lightshow artists then the Performer is for you!

    Frame Lightshow Performer from Chaos Culture is designed to allow you to play Lightshow sets created with the Frame Lightshow Creator device on a range of Grid Controllers like the Ableton PUSH ONE & TWO and the entire Novation LaunchPad family!

    Consisting of two types of MaxforLive devices, the Frame Lightshow Performer & Controller, set up is simple as is creating your own lightshow!

    Drop an Performer device onto a MIDI track and a Controller Specific device (there's a choice of devices based on your controller) onto another and you're good to go.

  • Chaos Culture Frame Lightshow Editor

    Frame Lightshow Creator – Launchpad & Push

    Price £15.00
    Frame Lightshow Creator from Chaos Culture allows the user to quickly set up a Lightshow performance on a range of Grid Controllers like the Ableton PUSH ONE & TWO and the entire Novation LaunchPad family! Consisting of three types of MaxforLive devices, the Frame Lightshow Creator, Controller and Performer, set up is simple as is creating your own lightshow! Drop an Editor device onto a MIDI track and a Controller Specific device (there's a choice of devices based on your controller) onto another and you're good to go. Click the Edit button and select a MIDI track, then paint your first frame of your lightshow directly onto your controller... Using Hotkeys and shortcuts you can build up your animation frame by frame across one or multiple controllers, and there's no need to use MIDI Devices or learn MIDI notes to do it!
  • MIDI Multiclip Editor

    MIDI MultiClip Editor – Edit Multiple Clips on 1 Piano Roll

    Price £26.00

    If you've ever wished that you could select multiple clips in Ableton Live and view them in one MIDI Editor at the same time, well now you can!