Note Range Setters

Filter, Block & Divert MIDI Notes


A database of MIDI Filters which restrict a MIDI instruments playable notes to match that of a chosen physical instrument or vocal range out of an extensive array of choices. Includes complete assortments of standard orchestral instrument ranges as well as those of acoustic folk instruments from around the world.
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Intro 9.7.5+


Provides 261 instrument and vocal range MIDI Filters to choose from, categorized by type.

  • Brass: 36 ranges
  • Exotic: 2 ranges
  • Guitar & Plucked: 58 ranges
  • Mallets: 8 ranges
  • Percussive: 5 ranges
  • Piano & Keys: 14 ranges
  • Strings: 15 ranges
  • Voices: 35 ranges
  • Winds: 88 ranges

These range presets can be extremely useful whan composing pieces which real instruments will eventually play, especially if you don’t have access to said instruments. Instead of spending time looking data up, you can just drop a note range onto an instrument to ensure you don’t write any notes the instrument would be physically unable to play. Since many virtual instruments don’t restrain their note ranges, it is quite easy to accidentaly, say, compose a violin part which ventures far beyond what one can normally play. Another usage to consider is arbitrarily setting note ranges for instrument parts during composition to boost creativty. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, be sure to research arbitrary limitations enabling increased creativity.

Also provides three MIDI Effect Racks for making your own custom Note Ranges.

Note Range Blocker (Relative) – Can be used to “ignore” a range of notes inside its playable range.

Useful if you happen to have (or want to pretened to have) the odd case of an instrument which has a “hole” in the middle of its playable range. Use a Note Range Setter to determine the min and max, then use instances of this to determine the areas which will be unplayable. Perhaps you have a piano with a few bad notes and you want to make sure not to compose anything which uses those? (period instead?)

Note Range Setter (Absolute) – Determines range by directly setting the min and max notes.

Used to make your own note ranges quickly when you know the minimum and maximum notes which you can then save in your user library. Saving note range presets for your voice and for all your instruments is very useful for draft composition.

Note Range Setter (Relative) – determines range by setting the minimum and then a distance above it.

This might be useful for automating a note range that you’d like to change over time. If you adjust the minimum value, the maximum will move up or down along with it (unlike the Absolute version, in which automating either the min or max would not affect the other).


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