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PolyRhythmic VST on steroids


What happens when you take the best elements from Alexkid’s MaxforLive Sequencers and want to share them with the rest of the DAW world?SEQUND is the answer, and now the best of the Alexkid M4L devices are now available for all main DAWs.Combining the favourite features from the polyrhythmic sequencers into one single AU/VST plug-in, and then added some more…The result? A unique and powerful tool…
User Guide:

SEQUND Manual v101

Developer: Alexkid
Compatibility: All versions that can run a VST3, AU or AAX Plugin
OS: Mac OS: 10.14 (Mojave) or later Windows 10 or later
Min. Requirements: A DAW that can run a VST3, AU or AAX Plugin


SEQUND is a powerful VST/AU polyrhythmic sequencer combining -and improving- all the best features from the massively popular range of Max4Live sequencers created by electronic musician Alexkid, redesigned in collaboration with Tadashi Suginomori from HY-Plugins.

Like the Probabilistic sequencer, SEQUND features two melodic lanes and a probability lane sequence allowing you to alternate between both melodies. Each lane has an independent length thus facilitating the generation of complex polyrhythms and evolving patterns with disconcerting ease. In addition there’s Hold, Chance, Length, Octave, Transpose and 3 MIDI CC# lanes to make all this even more funky and flexible.

Whether you want to create exciting bass-lines with subtle variations or eccentric melodies filled with groove, SEQUND’s extremely intuitive interface instantly triggers your creativity process…

Not only that but each user preset contains up to 12 patterns that can be recalled instantly via MIDI notes to allow pattern changes on the fly with seamless transitions and incredible timing.

The new Transpose function is available before or after the scale quantisation, allowing you to shift your melody and always stay in key whatever you do, or act like a traditional transpose.

The Transpose function is also controllable  via MIDI notes, which means that you can transpose your sequence in real time via your keyboard whilst recording into your DAW.

You can “play the sequencer” if you like and use it with Soft-Synths as well as Hardware Synths.


  • Gate, Length, Hold, Chance
  • Pitch A, Pitch B, Probability A/B
  • Transpose, Octave
  • 3x assignable MIDI CC lanes, each with an individual amount of steps.
  • 2 types of step advance modes,
  • positive and negative swing
  • 12x patterns per preset with instant recall via MIDI.


Whilst you can get instant gratification from the randomisation features for generation of sequences, Seqund VST is also packed with lovely artist presets from no less than Alexander Kowalski, Arno, Brawther, Christian Burkhardt, Cristi Cons, Cyrk, D’Julz, Goldmoon, Janeret, Josh Wink, Katie Drover, Okain, Oshana, Reboot,  Robin Ordell, Rodriguez Jr., Soela, tINI, and Tripmastaz to get you started


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Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Alexkid is credited as an early protagonist of 90s Parisian underground culture.His work in the early days of MaxforLive led to the highly acclaimed release of Instant Haus on Abletons own webstore which has acted as the inspiration to others ever since.

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