ADM ANTHOLOGY is an ultra collection of the first ten of Brian Funk’s pack collections available here at Isotonik Studios, spanning ten years of creative inspiration.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+
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    ADM ANTHOLOGY by Brian Funk

    The ADM or AfroDJMac packs are the result of more than ten years of premium Ableton Live Packs courtesy of Brian Funk. Spanning a myriad of sounds an styles it’s been the work of Animus Invidious of to pull all of the diverse themes together into cohent sets based on the sounds they contain.

    With ten individual collections making up the whole anthology you won’t find yourself wanting when it comes to inspirational noises!

    ADM DRUMS contains the complete collection of drum and percussion content sourced from premium Brian Funk packs spanning the beginning of his release history through the first half of 2018. The racks, loops, and samples it contains have been updated, reorganized, and presented in a self-installing Ableton Live pack for intensive, comprehensive access. It encompasses a truly vast array of useful audio production resources.

    ADM AMBIENT is an Ableton Live Pack that contains the best atmospheric, evolving Instrument Rack presets collected from 16 classic Ableton Live Packs. Many instruments are built from samples of exciting analog and digital synthesizers, such as the Sequential Circuits’s Prophet 6 and Prophet 8, Roland’s Juno 106, Moog’s Sub Phatty and Concertmate MG-1, Teenage Engineering’s OP-1, Korg’s MS-20, and various VST plug-ins. Other presets are built with samples of real world instruments that have been manipulated and processed with a range of effects.

    ADM BASS contains the complete collection of 123 bass style Instrument Racks. Spanning 8 years worth of work, this Pack contains a wide range of sounds built from unique sample sources, vintage and modern hardware synthesizers, and patches programmed from an array of software synths. The collection traverses the entire span of musical genres, and each sound can by fully customized and crafted into endless new sounds to fit perfectly in any production style.

    ADM EXOTIC is a collection of Instrument Racks from the “Mallet” and “Exotic” categories. It includes 75 Exotic and 41 Mallet instruments, exemplary for when you want to explore the world and delve into some mysteriously alluring cultural vibes, grounded in an earthy spirit. If you’re interested in stepping outside of typical pop/EDM tonalities, this pack will provide you with a sweet variety of instrumental textures to discover.

    ADM CHIP is a collection of Instrument Racks of the “chiptune” variety. It includes 136 instruments reminiscent of the retro vibe of (and often directly sampled from) classic video game consoles of the 80s and 90s. These types of sounds were originally implemented back in the day with severe restrictions on the number of voices and available timbres due to hardware limitations, but those very limitations shaped an entire era of music to have a certain characteristic vibe.

    ADM EFFECTS is an Ableton Live Pack that contains an awesome assortment of capabilities for modifying the sound of existing sounds, or for generating completely new sound effects from scratch, this sweeping assortment represents the realm of audio manipulation. 118 Audio Effect Racks for mangling, filtering, and glitching your source material in a mind-numbing myriad of ways. Emulate pushing through an assortment of lo-fi playback media. Add imperfection, grit and charm to stale digital audio. Recreate catastrophic system events. Crush, crunch, and warble. Filter, phase, and delay. Modulate evolutive textural patterns. Glitch to your heart’s content. Dial in results quickly.

    ADM KEYS is an Ableton Live Pack that contains an indispensable collection of Piano and Physical Keyboard based instruments. It includes organic as well as electronic keyboard sounds, providing a luscious assortment of smooth, tasteful, classy keyboard timbres.

    ADM ORCHESTRAL is an Ableton Live Pack containing a themed set of instruments. This particular collection includes instruments more along the lines of the orchestral persuasion, including Brass, Strings, Winds, and Voices. Note that these are not “orchestral” in the hi-fi sense, but rather they are orchestrally themed, emulating those sorts of instruments in quiant, colorful types of ways… you could say in the Brian Funk style.

    ADM PLUNK is a collection of Instrument Racks for Ableton Live consisting of Guitar, Plucked, Clav and Organ types. It includes 69 “Guitar & Plucked” and 53 “Vintage” category instruments. While Guitar & Plucked is self-descriptive, the Vintage category includes the Clav and Organ instruments.

    ADM SYNTHS is an Ableton Live pack that includes the collected assortment of Rhythmic, Lead, and Experimental Synth instruments crafted by Brian Funk as AfroDJMac. All pretense of retro nostalgia is thrown out the window with this melange, focusing instead on sounds that are so modern they cut into the bleeding edge.

    More Products from.... Brian Funk...!

    Brian Funk is a songwriter, producer, and Ableton Certified Trainer from New York.  Brian hosts The Music Production Podcast and teaches music production for Berklee Online. He is the author of 5-Minute Music Producer: 365 Music-Making Activities. Sounds from Brian’s Ableton Live Packs are used by producers all over the world.


    ADM EXOTIC by Brian Funk

    Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+

    ADM PLUNK by Brian Funk

    Guitar, Plucked, Clav and Organ thats what Plunk means!
    Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+

    ADM CHIP by Brian Funk

    Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+

    ADM EFFECTS by Brian Funk

    All of Brians favourite Effects in one bargain pack
    Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+

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