Advanced Splytterz

Control Your Audio Stream


A suite of racks that split audio sources into multiple layers, each of which can be individually processed by any desired chain of Ableton or VST/AU effects. It includes 20 Splytterz in three categories: Stereo-Based (i.e. left-right split), Frequency-Based (i.e. hi-lo split), and Miscellaneous (i.e. gate above/below split).  
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+


Control Your Audio Stream.

Ideal for remixing and sound design, this suite of tools for splitting up audio by various methods provides expanded capabilities for placing effect chains on insert slots that affect only certain portions of the total signal. By using the built-in capabilities of Ableton Live’s Rack architecture combined with clever usage of native effects, these racks allow you to cut, splice, patch, and tweak with unprecedented surgical depth.

The pack provides 20 racks for splitting any audio source in different ways. The resulting multiple layers can each be individually processed on their own and are automatically recombined. It includes novel methods of splitting audio which have been heretofore unexplored, such as by time intervals, a focus bell filter, or by compression delta. The Ridiculous Splytter goes all out, splitting an audio source into 15 chains, each of which can have different effects.

Example Ideas:

  • Place different reverbs on the left and right edges of the side signal for increased stereo width/space while leaving the main body of the L-R signal intact.
  • Blend 4 amplifiers: one pair on the L and R channels, one pair on the M and S channels. Automate to fade between the LR and MS pairs during certain song sections.
  • Set up two different effect chains to fade back and forth between each other every 2 measures.
  • Set up a complex tremolo rhythm by having two different tremolo settings alternate in time.
  • A distortion that only comes in on the parts of an audio signal landing below a threshold, affecting only the quietest parts of the signal.
  • A delay which is only triggered by loud transients above a certain threshold, ignoring everything else.
  • Saturating and chorusing the portion of a signal which would instead usually be compressed.
  • Make a custom 5-unit parallel vocal compression chain, each compressor with different settings, all blended to unity gain.
  • Split up a 2-channel stereo audio file into 5 channels in preparation for surround sound upscaling.

Bonus Racks – Three racks that explore split processing with reverb, glue, or tube saturation. They are split into three chains, separating the lows from the highs, which are then separated into left and right. It’s a cool way to add stereo width while preserving the solidity of the fundamental mass.

Also includes the Behind the Back Panner rack which uses phase inversion for perceptual panoramic fun (mess with it using headphones).


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