Groovification TWO

Groove Pool Live Pack


Groove files which implement rhythmic “chop” effects in a robust collection of quarter, eighth, and sixteenth-note patterns, which can be dropped onto any audio or MIDI clips for adding interest and variety.
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 9.7.5+


Chopper Grooves – A vast variety of patterns that chop select timed notes intervals out of audio or MIDI clips. By dropping a Chopper Groove onto a clip and turning up the Global Groove Amount, certain nodes will be dropped out, leaving everything else intact. If the Global Groove Amount is at 100%, those moments will be cut completely silent; percentages less than 100 will partially reduce the level of them. (replace level of them with their level)

Give Patterns Variety – Altering the rhythmic patterns of stacked percussion layers in a mix (particularly live) can really help give them space to breathe against each other, sounding less congested and more intricate.

Swap Hot; Breakbeat Feel – Hot-swapping a groove on a clip will alter the rhythmic pattern instantly, which can be a sweet technique during live performance. Try dropping a 16th Chop Groove onto a tasty hip hop or d&b beat, make sure the Global Amount is up, click the Groove Hot-Swap button in the Clip View, and then double-click around to different 16thChop Grooves in the browser, listening to how the beat’s pattern changes.

Percussify Sustained Audio Loops – Sustained “pad-style” audio parts with chopper grooves applied can transform them from a smooth, sustained ambience to only cutting in at certain times. Sidechain compression is not your only tactic for confronting those drones.

Groove Automation – By automating the Global Groove Amount, you can affect the groove chop amount happening across all clips simultaneously. By including multiple clips all with the same Chopper Groove, this would result in them all going silent at the exact same moments. By having multiple clips with different Chopper Grooves placed on each, turning up the Global Groove Amount would bring each (all instead of each) of them into their own selected patterns.

Generate MIDI Notes – To manifest a groove pattern as a MIDI file, just drop the groove file onto a MIDI track. This can be useful for quickly generating MIDI patterns to then modify, for compositional purposes.

Includes 302 chopper grooves, arranged by beat interval. Due to the nature of math and stuff, the faster-segmented patterns have exponentially more options available.

  • Five 4th Chop Patterns
  • Eighty-Four 8th Chop Patterns
  • Two-Hundred and Thirteen 16th Chop Patterns


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