Amplitude Operands

Utility Presets


A mathematically precise collection of Utility presets plus Audio Effect Racks for dividing or multiplying audio levels by Sound Pressure (SPL), Acoustic Energy (SIL), or Loudness Sensation (Perceived Volume). Quicker than calculating gain and typing in a number, these provide the technical calculation and the gain change in one step.

Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live Intro 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Intro 9.7.5+


A mathematically precise collection of 164 Utility Presets and 4 Audio Effect Racks for dividing or multiplying by Sound Pressure (SPL), Acoustic Energy (SIL), or Loudness Sensation (Perceived Volume).

SPL is used for calculating the combined loudness of multiple objects. Useful for precision when splitting, duplicating, and stacking copies of audio files.

Multiplication Example: x2 to make something to be the exact level duplicating it and playing both copies together would cause

Division Example: ÷4 to adjust each of four copies of something which you would like to play back at the same level as the original copy.

VOLUME is used for altering level as it perceptually appears to the human ear. Useful for subjective estimations of how loud something will sound to the listener; recommended for use early on during rough shaping in the pre-mixing phase of production, since the level intervals are large.

Division Example: ÷3 on each of three harmony vocal takes to reduce them in comparison to the lead.

Multiplication Example: x2, automated to boost a soloist’s vocal mic among a choir during their solo.

SIL is for calculating the acoustic energy of physical objects. Useful for sound design.

Multiplication Example: x1000 on a cricket chirp to simulate the level of 1000 crickets chirping together.

Division Example: ÷2 on a crowd applause recording to simulate a crowd half the size.

In addition to all the prests giving direct operand values, there are included Divisor and Multiplier Audio Effect Racks for SPL and Volume which allow you to dial in a desired multiplication or division value. The number shown on the macro knob is the operator value, so you can either grab the knob and twist it, or click on the knob and type it in.

NOTE: Even though you can’t see the full numerical values in Ableton’s display, the values do acutally go down to the 6th decimal place, for maximum possible precision.


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