Amplitude Operands – Utility Presets

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Amplitude Operands, a Live pack of Utility presets to enable you to divide or multiply levels by Sound Pressure, Acoustic Intensity or Perceived Loudness.



Amplitude Operands by PerforModule is an Ableton Live pack that is full of Utility presets that enable you to quickly divide or multiply levels according to Sound Pressure Level, Acoustic Intensity Energy, and Perceived Loudness Sensation.”

Designed specifically for Sound Designers and Engineers Amplitude Operands installs directly into Ableton Live’s browser enabling you to browse through the presets and hot swap them directly from the Push and Push TWO….

Sure, you could do the math yourself when needed… but having access to these makes things so much faster.

SPL Divisors – Use when you want to combine a certain number of copies of something, with the sum at the exact same level as the original copy (for example, if you had 6 copies of a guitar part, you drop one instance of “SPL ˜6” preset onto each to make all summed together equivalent to the original).

SPL Multipliers – Use when you need something to be of a loudness exivalent to a certain number of copies of itself stacked at full power (for example, let’s say you have a mix with bass, guitar and drums, and the bass and the guitar are each doubled, but the drums are not. You could place “SPL x2” onto the drum group to make it as loud as if it were doubled).

Volume Divisors & Volume Multipliers – For when you desire to increment the loudness as it appears to a human ear (double level ~10dB instead of ~6dB like SPL). Note that this does not take into account or apply any sort of equal loudness weighting EQ contour. The actual resultant decibel level will of course depend on your physical setup.

SIL Divisors & SPL Multipliers – Use when you desire to alter level based upon the physical Acoustic Intensity (aka “Sound Intensity Level”), defined by wikipedia as “sound energy passing per second through a unit area held perpendicular to the direction of propagation of sound waves”. Maybe you could use this to estimate the level of large numbers of tiny sound-generating objects (e.g. 500 crickets chirping or the patter of 1,000 raindrops).

NOTE: Also available as part of the Clinically Collection – CLICK HERE

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Q. What are the Minimum System Requirements?

A. Ableton Live Intro 9.6

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