Live Racks for Busses


A series of racks designed for sculpting and enhancing groups of audio tracks, with custom parameter ranges suited for particular audio types. Includes eleven racks for instrument or drum groups, two auxiliary sends for injecting space and dirt into a mix, and three media processors for the master channel.
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 9.75+


Bussification is a  series of suave and tasteful channel strips designed specifically for placement on groups, auxes, or the master channel. Buss processing can really help add cohesion to a mix, and these go-to modules provide a toolset for getting it done with quick speed and reliable, high-quality results.

There are nine racks designed for instrument groups, two for drum groups, two for aux (send) channels, and three for the master buss.

The Bussification instrument and drum group buss racks are each calibrated with their own parameter ranges suited to their instrument type, preventing improper settings from being much of a possibility and giving you great freedom to sculpt by ear. Use them to add “juice”, tilt and highlight tone, “tauten” the overall spectrum, inject clean parallel saturation, and sculpt the contour. Each includes a specially-made fader which affects multiple internal parameters for using to automate the level.

The aux channels are designed for placing on a Send channel and feeding them amounts of different tracks to blend back in to the mix. AuxBuss Space enhances the natural space of a mix with a reactive room tone, helping elements feel “glued together, while AuxBuss Dirt is designed for increasing raw perceptible acuteness with its muscular flavour boost.

The three master channel racks can emulate various recording media being used while helping to give your mixdown a nice analog polish depending on the decade you want to go for. For a retro 70’s vibe, “Vinyl Record” implements the contours and imperfections of vinyl pressing while keeping the noise on the subliminal side. For a classic 80’s vibe, “Cassette Tape” with its two simple parameters allows for dialing in the tape fidelity and custom generated source-reactive tape-style hiss amount. For a solid, punchy 90’s sound, use “CD” to carefully sculpt the mix in ways common to 90s mastering, good for dancy pop head-nodders.

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