Chiptune Dreams by Yves Big City

Dive deep inside in the early days of chiptune tracker music.


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Chiptune Dreams “Digitakt Edition” is an entire collection of 256 samples that we redesign and remix, especially for the Elektron Digitakt, combining the old school and the new school in 2 packs.You will find the sounds that rocked your childhood, brought up to date, while remaining faithful to the “old school” tracker sound of the late 80s and early 90s.From dirty, raw, and powerful sound to soft and brilliant sound, from the famous Commodore 64 to the modern synth through the legendary sounds of Amiga, you will discover everything you need to recreate,remix, and be one of those geniuses that will mark the time of video games soundtrack
COMPATIBILITY: Any DAW or Synth that supports ~WAV files
Min. Requirements: Elektron Digitakt or Supporting DAW



  1. Kari Bunn

    I have been interested in this pack to use with my Novation Circuit Tracks for a few months. I do not know how it is possible there are no reviews for it yet so I am happy to be the first. It is obvious how much time and love Yves Big City and others put into making every single patch and sample. You can play music with the exact sonic nostalgia of the sounds you remember from computers, video games and other electronics from the 80’s and 90’s. It is like having the soundtrack of all early technology and then the drums sounds of Radiohead’s “Idiotech” to play with. This is perfect for anyone who wants to make harder industrial electronic music because of how great the samples are for that genre alone. This pack sounds totally different from all others!

    I hereby request Chiptune Dreams 2….

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Chiptune Dreams by Yves Big City

1992, Sitting in front of your computer, floppy disk in your hand, you launch the MS-DOS command line to start the file ‘StateOfArt-spaceballs.exe’, the noise of the disk begin to rumble and then nothing…the silence of a black screen.

You think your friend pass you some faulty disk, but finally …you see a scrolling text and hear a futuristic electro track with flashy light that blows your mind..you cannot stop listening, it’s an instant crush…

This little story was part of my memory and we shared here this feeling that classic video games soundtrack has always been in our hearts since our childhood.

For the record, this sound pack project was born in 2006 and it was my first attempt to create a samples collection between old school and new school.

Finally, after 16 years it was about time to find inspiration thanks to one of the most creative artists named: ‘Cuckoo’

He’s the one who brings back the chiptune music in such a sparkling way that it just makes you feel to create music on your old video games system every day.

So this is our testimony for these golden ages, the 80s & 90s computer, and all the video games that comes within.


For the retro pack, this collection has been built, sampled and processed on UAD tape from the following computer hardware and software :

– Commodore 64
– Amiga 500
– OPL Adlib Soundcard
– Soundtracker

The result is the typical bit crush sound with a lot of punch characters.

For the neo pack, we do not forget the new generation of synthesizers that will be perfect to blend the retro sound with the modern sound.

So we decide to create a chiptune analog drum & synth kit based on the following gear :

– Elektron Analog Four
– Dreadbox Typhon
– Sequential Circuit Pro3
– Novation Mono Station
– Teenage Engineering PO20 & 32 ( Thanks to Claas Falldorf for the sample recording )

At a Glance :

– Analog and digital samples specially design for the digitakt engine: The best of both world
– More than 256 samples compatible also with your favorite DAWS and samplers. Standard WAVs files format

For the retro sound pack :

• 64 Classic 8bit drums > A truly dark selection of dirty retro drum shots.
• 32 Bass & Leads > Classic tones,Commodore 64 303 bass,FM sound,Old-school oscillators,warm 8 bit leads.
• 32 Pads and lo-fi instruments > Crunchy guitars, Dusty pads, Bleeps, Strings, and voices texture.

For the neo soundpack :

• 64 modern drums: Analog kick, Noise snare, FM tonal toms, Bleeps and blops.
• 64 twisted quirky synth: Sub & Digi bass, Lazer FX, Screaming vowels, Fat chords.

Additionally :

• 16 Demos patterns for each project
• The complete recording computer/synth stem sessions: More than 1000 samples perfect to create your own custom pack.
• The original Commodore 64 drum soundbank crafted and designed in 2006 ( the beta version of this project )
• Selection of electronic vocal phrases, sound effects, Speak n Spell, drum loops

From high quality to lo-fi, Chiptune Digitakt will be the perfect tool for chiptune music, retro rhythm, and lo-fi beats production with a modern twist.


Chiptune Dreams is brought to you by the sound designer behind Delorean Dream TWO!!

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