90’s House Dream by Yves Big City

"Echoes of Hacienda" - A Story of Rhythm and Unity


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“90s House Dream: Echoes of Hacienda” brings the spirit of the legendary Hacienda club into your studio. Jump into the heart of 90s house music with this vibrant collection. Experience a rich collection of 64 patches, each echoing the iconic beats that pulsated through the era’s most celebrated dance floors. This pack envelops you in deep basslines, rhythmic chords, and soaring leads, all crafted with the authentic touch of 90s house music. From the soulful grooves of Chicago to the energizing beats of Manchester, “Echoes of Hacienda” captures the essence of a transformative musical era, delivering a sound that resonates with both nostalgic warmth and contemporary energy.
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+
90's House Dream Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yves Big City
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  1. Kari Bunn

    I have been searching for months for a pack like this. All the patches are actually usable keyboard and synthesizer sounds and not just noise and ambient wimpy synths that you can’t make actual music with. The samples are all fantastic too! If you are looking for a great pack with good, strong, solid keyboards and synthesizer patches and great real live drum samples this is the perfect pack for you. I have strayed from Isotonik once to buy a pack and found I was working really, really hard to get any good music out of the patches. Yves Big City makes the best packs for Novation Circuit Tracks you will ever find; and this is hands down my favorite of his so far.

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Initial Release – 15th December 2023

90’s House Dream by Yves Big City

Step into the rhythm and soul of an era with the “90s House Dream” sound pack, a curated collection that pays homage to the golden era of house music. This pack takes you on a journey back to the Summer of Love and the hallowed halls of the Hacienda, where legends were made and the house beat was born.

The Birth of a Movement: A Story of Rhythm and Unity

In the heart of the 90s, the Hacienda became a beacon of musical innovation. It was here, amidst the ecstasy of the Summer of Love, that house music found its heartbeat. This sound pack weaves the tale of this vibrant era, capturing the essence of the legends who shaped the sounds of the dance floor.

Featuring Tracks Inspired by House Music Icons

The soulful chords in this collection echo the deep, emotive style of artists like Frankie Knuckles, whose mastery at the turntables earned him the title “Godfather of House.”

The deep, emotive leads resonate with the artistic spirit of Larry Heard, also known as Mr. Fingers. His innovative approach to deep house brought a level of sophistication and emotion to the genre, elements that are carefully replicated in these sounds.

In the experimental sounds of the pack, the influence of Kevin Saunderson is evident. His blending of techno with house pushed the boundaries of what the genre could be, a legacy that lives on in the innovative sounds of this collection.

A Portal to the 90s House Scene

“90s House Dream” isn’t just a sound pack; it’s a tribute to a timeless era. Each element is carefully crafted to transport you back to a time when house music was more than just a genre – it was a movement, a unifying force. It’s a tribute to timeless creations, offering producers and music enthusiasts a chance to relive and reinvent the sounds that shaped a generation.

At a glance:

Pack Highlights: A Fusion of Past and Future

Energize Your Tracks: This pack offers 64 patches, each designed to embody the essence of classic 90s house music. From deep and driving basslines that capture the genre’s soulful roots to rhythmic chords that resonate with the era’s upbeat energy, and pulsating leads that echo the timeless melodies of house classics.

Deep, Dancefloor-Ready Drums: At the core of house music is its unmistakable beat, and with 64 drum sounds, this pack delivers just that. Each drum has been carefully selected and processed using a Studer tape A800, ensuring a sound that is both deep and punchy, perfect for creating tracks that resonate with the authentic feel of a 90s dancefloor.

Craft Your Unique Sound: The pack also includes 20 creatively inspired sessions. These sessions are more than just sound collections; they are gateways to musical exploration, offering a range of sonic landscapes from the nostalgic beats of retro house to the innovative rhythms of modern productions.

Broad Compatibility: Understanding the diverse needs of today’s producers, “90s House Dream” is made to fit into any setup effortlessly. It is fully compatible with both the classic circuit edition and the Novation Circuit tracks, making it a versatile addition to any music producer’s toolkit.

Special Hacienda Version: As a tribute to the iconic Hacienda club, this pack features a special Hacienda Version. It includes a classic collection of Roland TR 808, TR 909, TR 707, and TB 303 patterns, meticulously recreated to bring the quintessential sound of the Hacienda era to your music production.

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