Harmonicality – Melodic Enhancement of Audio

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The Harmonicality Ableton Live Pack is full of Audio effect and MIDI racks designed for enhancing and manipulating harmonics by various methods.



The Harmonicality Ableton Live Pack is full of Audio effect and MIDI racks designed for enhancing and manipulating harmonics by various methods.
  • Enhance harmonics based on a selectable focus frequency
  • Affect upper or lower partials
  • Various different methods to add subtle harmonic saturation
  • Sculpt even, odd, and individual harmonic nodes
  • Add “richness” by extending the harmonics of MIDI instrument melodies

Harmonicality Content:

Harmonicality Colorizer – Utilizes various methods to enhance harmonics, focused on the frequency of choice. Excellent for adding 3-dimensionality, crispness, and vitality to dull stems and mixes. Can be fine-tuned very carefully for precision timbre adjustment, from adding a touch of extremely subtle refinement to an obvious, brazen excitation. Indeed useful both for individual elements, subgroups, and full mixes.
Overtone EQ (Even & Odd) – Designed for enhancing or attenuating upper harmonics based on your choice focus frequency, with separate manipulation of even and odd harmonics.

Overtone EQ (Even vs Odd) – Similar to Overtone EQ (Even & Odd), but it either boosts even harmonics while attenuating odd harmonics, or vice versa. Useful for quickly discovering how each type of harmonics affects the source’s character.

Overtone EQ (Sculptor) – This one gives individual control of the harmonic partials two through seven, so can choose the exact harmonic response.

Undertone EQs (Even & Odd), (Even vs Odd), (Sculptor) – Exactly like the above devices; however, these affect LOWER harmonics instead of UPPER harmonics (not as common of an operation).
Can be extremely useful for sculpting the low frequency register in a natural, musical manner.

Included MIDI Devices:

Harmonicality Chord Presets – These are simple chord presets which generate additional notes based on harmonic intervals. Includes:

  • 2nd Harmonic
  • 3rd Harmonic
  • 4th Harmonic
  • 5th Harmonic
  • 6th Harmonic
  • 7th Harmonic
  • 8th Harmonic
  • Harmonics (Coarse) upper partials 2-7
  • Harmonics (Perfect) upper partials 2,3,4,6 & 8
  • Harmonics (Undertone) lower partials 2,3,4,6 & 8

Note: the 5th and 7th harmonics do not naturally land on perfect chromatic tones; however, they are very close, so their given interval is rounded to the nearest semitone.

Harmonicality Extender MIDI Racks – Generates additional melodic instrument tones (velocity-scaled) based on harmonic intervals.

Note: works only with polyphonic MIDI instruments which have velocity sensitivity enabled (without which all added notes would be way too loud). Keep in mind that polyphony voices must be high enough to be able to simultaneously play the extra generated notes (e.g. if playing a triad while adding 2 extra harmonic bands, you would need a polyphony of at least 9). The extra voices will definitely use extra CPU! Track freezing is your friend.

Since the added tones are scaled quite low in velocity, they provide the effect of added “richness” and can also have somewhat of a chorusing effect, as opposed to giving the feel of playing intervals.
This can be a great way to add “richness” “vibe” and “mojo” to melodic MIDI instrument parts before you even apply any automation, EQ or compression.

NOTE: Also available as part of the Clinicality Collection – CLICK HERE

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