Dephaultz Rack Pack

Workflow Enhancing Default Racks


“Go-to” template racks covering the basic functionality of every core ableton live effect (with multiple racks for certain of the more complex effects to cover all their functions). Provides neutral starting points and easy macro mapping for controllers. Includes 100 racks for the Live 9 version; 133 for Live 10.
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 9.75+

Q, What’s the point of “dephault” template racks when effects can have defaults saved to the Live library?

Think of these as an expanded default set. Take it as an invitation to be a bit more brave and experimental with how you save your effect defaults, since if you make one that doesn’t  work when you’re in a crunch, you’ve always got some Dephaultz to fall back on.

  • Super easy instant macro control with auto- or manually-mapped 8-knob controllers. While automapping can also grab Ableton effect parameters directly, it’s not always clear which macro knob goes to which parameter and many effects have more than 8 parameters. This ensures that very important parameters are provided instant access for.
  • Clear understanding of functions with mouseover help info for all macros.
  • Racks with optimized controls for different specific intentions.
  • Confidence in initial states being as close to neutral as possible.


These template racks cover each and every native Ableton Live effect, with 8 parameters mapped and labeled for quick and easy usage, gainstaged for neutral initial states (or as a close as possible). Many effect types have multiple racks provided, each highlighting a particular functionality. Extremely useful for production with any 8-knob MIDI controller, they make it dead easy to twist and shape your essential parameters immediately with minimal fuss or confusion and get right into being creative.

Versions exist for both Live 9 and Live 10.

Categorized to appear automatically in your Ableton Live browser in the Audio Effects Rack section, you are provided access to…

  • 8 Amp Simulation effects
  • 18 Distortion effects
  • 6 Drums effects
  • 17 Filter effects
  • 18 Formant effects
  • 3 Hall effects
  • 16 Mixing & Mastering effects
  • 15 Modulation & Rhythmic effects
  • 3 Performance & DJ effects
  • 8 Space effects
  • 21 Special effects

Note: the Live 9 version of the pack contains eighteen fewer racks (since it doesn’t have access to the relevant effects); however if you own the pack and later upgrade to Live 10, you can always download and upgrade to that version of the pack seamlessly at any time.

All “Dephault” racks are designed to return as close to unity level as possible in their loaded states, calibrated with LCR pink noise to return the same integrated LUFS measurements.

Some perks of owning the pack…

  • Increase overall efficiency when applying effects by focusing on specific results with clarity and precision.
  • Avoid the “loudness illusion” from tricking you into thinking an effect is better simply because it boosted the signal by a half a dB or whatever.
  • Hot-swap between different effect types (for example, swap Amp + Cab models while jamming on a guitar) to highlight which model’s contour naturally complements the audio the best.
  • Explore purposeful functionality of devices you may not have considered previously.
  • Generally fiddle with parameters less.
  • Easily grab the 8 knobs with any blue hand automapped controller, or custom-map them to any controller.
  • Hover your cursor over macros you don’t wuite understand to see useful help info about what they do.
  • Consult the manual less and get to know how, what, why, when, where, and who to use your effects on.


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PerforModule is the brainchild of Animus Invidious. Over the year Animus has collaborated with scores of artists from all over the world on songs appearing on various albums and compilations. He has mastering credits on about a dozen albums with his unofficial brand “Tasty Mastering”. Known for having sensibilities covering both acoustic as well as electronic music, he has mastered material by Astara Summers, Hopeful Heroines, Michael Garfield, Charlie Milo Trio, Phat Kid, StoneyBertz, Lil’ Flip and others. The most recent album mastered by Animus Invidious is “Face Our Own Reflection” by Joy Tru, which includes multiple songs that have achieved FM radio play reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners. As a Sound Designer Animus has assisted various musicians with tailored sound design tasks over the years (for example, he appears in the credits of the prog metal album Solipsism by the band Left Brain). In 2013, Animus started and began sharing clever and useful custom Ableton Live racks which he had crafted. Shortly thereafter, his “Vocoverb” device was featured on Ableton Live’s website and the rest is history. LINKS – WEBSITE

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Live 9 Version – 5 June 2018

Maintenance update, cosmetic polishing.

Final Live 9 update.

Live 10 Version – 5 June 2018

6 new Drum Buss racks | 6 new Echo racks | 3 new EQ Eight racks | 3 new Pedal racks.

Drum Buss – Hard Dephault – Medium Dephault – Soft Dephault

Drum Comp – Hard Dephault – Medium Dephault – Soft Dephault

Echo – Filter Dephault – Humanizer Dephault – Noise Gen Dephault – Reverb Dephault – Rhythmic Dephault – Wahbble Dephault

EQ Eight – High Focus Dephault – Low Focus Dephault – Mid Focus Dephault

Pedal – Distort Dephault – Fuzz Dephault – Overdrive Dephault

Live 10.1 Version – 22 June 2019

16 new racks | Utility – Dephault renamed to Utility – Legacy Dephault | Gate – Focus renamed to Gate – Mid Focus

Channel EQ – Dephault

EQ Eight – Logarithmic Dephault

Envelope Follower – Dephault

Gate – High Focus – Low Focus

LFO – Random Dephault – Sawtooth Down Dephault – Sawtooth Up Dephault – Sine Dephault – Square Dephault – Triangle Dephault

Shaper – Dephault

Utility – Left Dephault – Right Dephault – Stereo Dephault – Stereo Swap Dephault


Our Products are generally provided as Zip file downloads which in all cases will need to be extracted and saved to your hard drive prior to installation. Details on the different file type provided and what to do with them are below.

.alp Files – These are Ableton Live Packs and will install directly into the Packs Section of the browser of Ableton Live. When you double click on them you will see a pop up window asking you to confirm that installation is ok as the files are described as “Legacy”. This is fine and you are ok to proceed, the packs are created using the format for an earlier version of Live and so remain compatible with the current version.

.amxd files – These are individual MaxforLive Devices and can be stored anywhere on your hard drive. We’d advise creating a folder for them and then adding that folder as a location within the Places section of Lives Browser.

Control Surface Scripts – Please refer to the individual User Guides provided with your download, an abridged version of the installation will be shown further down this page.

ClyphX Pro – Please refer directly to the manual and installation video for this specific product.

Novation Circuit Packs – These are provided as individual Sysex Files and as a complete bank file. All are to be installed using a version of the Circuit Editor and not via Novations Components back up utility.

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