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Mouth Play by Dillon Bastan

Unconventional Vocal Tract Shaper


Mouth Play is a maxforlive instrument that offers unconventional shaping of a vocal tract together with a simulated glottis (brass model) or FM oscillator as a source.This offers a large variety of sonic possibilities: from voice-like sounds (animal, human, monster), breathy sounds, glitchy, harsh, rich/pretty, droney or rhythmic synth sounds. The tract filter has a variety of modulation sources allowing for various qualities and movements.
Developer: Dillon Bastan
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential



  • Vocal tract filter with various ways of shaping and modulating it
    • Rotating, random walking per segment, click and drag, recorded loops of shaping, basic waveform filling, shape morphing
  • Two voices with individual parameters
    • Voice Type (Brass model, FM oscillator, external input)
    • Scale options for tuning
    • Several tract filter parameters
  • Modulation section, modulators can be applied to most of the voice parameters
    • 2 LFOS, 2 envelopes, 2 sequencers and 2 function generators
  • Several secret pop-out animal themed menus if you hit the correct parameter combinations 😉


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Double click on the .ALP file whilst you have Ableton Live open.


Dillon Bastan

Dillon Bastan is a Los Angeles based sound artist, developer, music producer, and performer. He constructs interactive and intuitive experiences with sound as art, music, or tool. He uses a variety of programming languages, softwares, technologies, and a musical background. His passion for nature and interest in technology pulls him to blend the organic and synthetic.Dillon draws on experiences from music, traveling, programming, meditation, and construction/carpentry for inspiration and solutions to his projects. He is constantly collaborating, learning, and exploring new possibilities in sound, art, and technology.Links: WEBSITE – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – SOUNDCLOUD – YOUTUBE

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