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Novation Circuit Elements

Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica


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Elements is a patch bank for Novation Circuit & Circuit Tracks. It contains two Banks of 32 patches each including warm pads, vast digital textures, analogue basses and complex leads. To start right away, this pack additionally features 64 samples with a selection of kicks, percussion and hihats!

Developer: Limbic Bits
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit


Elements for Novation Circuit & Circuit Tracks is a tailor-made patch bank for all producers of Techno, Ambient, Electronica and the like. With this pack you’ll get 64 patches plus a collection of 64 samples covering Kicks, Percussion, HiHats and Cymbals. 

This patch bank provides a vast selection of lush Pads, experimental Textures, of course Basses and lead Sounds. Limbic Bits dived deep into Circuit’s synth engine. As a result, you can expect granular ambiences, dynamic FM-sounds and VHS-like analogue spheres. 

For an easy integration into live setups, most patches share the same macro mappings. Intelligent assignments of several parameters to one macro knob allow to smoothly transition aggressive sounds into lush textures.


Knob 1 = Cutoff EG Depth
Knob 2 = Cutoff
Knob 3 = An intelligent transition of resonance / noise / overdrive (sometimes without noise or overdrive, depending on the patch)
Knob 4 = first 50 % is for attack time / second half of the knob sets release time, so you can smoothly morph a lead sound into a pad.

The remaining four knobs are used for parameters suited to the selected patch
Knob 5 = Vibrato, EFX Dry / wet (depending on the patch also chorus when turning the knob further to the right)
Knob 6 = Performance knob (could be LFO speed, LFO intensity, OSC tune etc.)
Knob 7 = Volume & amount of noise
Knob 8 = Oscillator morph functions. Those can be wavetable positions, oscillator A/B ratio, tuning etc.



Elements Patch Bank for Circuit uses Novation Components Librarian file. You can choose if you want to load the whole pack- including samples – or just the patches into your synth.  


Novation Circuit Elements Patch List

4 reviews for Novation Circuit Elements

  1. pascal michel

    Limbic Bits give us a surprising pack. Forget all the patches you heard before and enter in a new way to create with your circuit.
    Very deep sounds with complex modulations, perfect for calm and relaxing electronica, drones, ambiant…
    Drastic change with intelligent and powerful macro.
    If you enjoy productions from Plaids, Autechre, Boards of Canada and many other.
    A complete pack with very good chosen samples.

  2. Vladimir Zinov (verified owner)

    At a glance this sounds as nearly perfect pack I’ve been looking to create minimal techno. Patches are really deep in terms of possible modulations and variations of sound you can produce out of single patch. The list of patches lacks of deep bass in y opinion but it’s not a problem to replace a couple of patches with some others you need.
    All in all definitely the best pack of samples and especially !patches! I ever used on circuit.

  3. Luca Jandu

    I love this pack.
    1. The patches have a really nice variety, some nice subtle ones all the way to very noisey ones.
    2. I like this as I find a lot of the Circuit packs very OTT.
    3. The paraphonic patches work perfect with this pack.
    4. While the macro’s aren’t 100% consistent across patches, they work in a very ‘intelligent’ way and are a pleasure to use for this.

    These are the main reasons that this pack stands out for me, but it also just feels a lot more ‘grown up/serious’ to me, the circuit patches function a lot more like a proper instrument with this pack that some of the others. I guess this is the intention of the pack and why they don’t include any sessions.

    There are some really nice sounds in this pack, but I did find myself getting rid of some for more usual snare and hat sounds. But I am still marking 5 stars because I think the patches are of such a high quality. Also the samples I don’t use aren’t bad – just some more typical drum sounds work better with what I do.

  4. Justin Maresh (verified owner)

    An excellent pack for relaxing IDM vibes. I recently got a used Circuit and it came to me with 6 of these patches on it (I could tell from the element names, smart marketing on the part of Limbic Bits). I found myself using the element patches more than any other because they sound great and I loved the variation I got from the macro knobs, so I bought the rest of the pack! So far, I find all of these to sound great. There weren’t any deep basses, so I modified Thorium in the editor and sits perfectly in the sound I am going for. I like the samples too. No traditional drum sounds. Mostly gentle, subtle, crackly, fizzy digital sounds, a couple of harsher sounds for variety, with a few ambiguous nostalgia-inducing samples like a music box and a swoosh. On the whole, the most useful pack I’ve purchased for my Circuit. I think I’m going to buy the related Plants pack too.

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Limbic Bits Sound Design

Limbic Bits is sound designer, electronic music producer and synth nerd. With over twenty years of experience, Limbic Bits provide patch banks for hardware and software synthesisers – find out on his Youtube channel ( With a strong focus on Ambient, IDM, (Melodic) Techno and Electronica, Limbic Bits is a great resource for lush pads, versatile textures and complex leads.

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