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Novation Circuit Plants

Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica


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Melodic Techno producers, Ambient artists or those who are into Electronica should have a deeper look into “Plants“. Limbic Bits second sound pack for Novation Circuit includes 64 patches completely designed from scratch.

Developer: Limbic Bits
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit



Melodic Techno producers, Ambient artists or those who are into Electronica should have a deeper look into „Plants“. Limbic Bits second sound pack for Novation Circuit, the follow up to Elements,  includes 64 patches completely designed from scratch. Offering more than 30 complex pads and movements to create deep atmospheres or dubby chords, 15 leads and 11 powerful bass sounds this sound pack brings your creative ideas into life. 13 demo sessions give you a good starting point for your own tracks, be it Melodic Techno, Deep House, Ambient or any other musical genre.


Limbic Bits included their proven controller layout. Instantly morph between leads and pad sounds or perform live with the most relevant parameters.

  • Knob 1 = Cutoff EG Depth
  • Knob 2 = Cutoff
  • Knob 3 = An intelligent transition of resonance / noise / overdrive (sometimes without noise or overdrive, depending on the patch)
  • Knob 4 = first 50 % is for attack time / second half of the knob sets release time, so you can smoothly morph a lead sound into a pad.

The remaining four knobs are used for parameters suited to the selected patch

  • Knob 5 = Vibrato, EFX Dry / wet (depending on the patch also chorus when turning the knob further to the right)
  • Knob 6 = Performance knob (could be LFO speed, LFO intensity, OSC tune etc.)
  • Knob 7 = Volume & amount of noise
  • Knob 8 = Patch morph functions. Those can be wavetable positions, oscillator A/B ratio, tuning etc.


Elements Patch Bank for Circuit uses Novation Components Librarian file. You can choose if you want to load the whole pack- including samples – or just the patches into your synth.

Novation Circuit Plants Sound Pack includes

  • Pads: 30
  • Movement: 6
  • SFX: 2
  • Lead: 15
  • Bass: 11
  • Samples:
    • Kicks: 16
    • HiHats: 14
    • Percussion: 22
    • Claps & Snares: 6
    • Drones & Dub Chords: 6

Novation Circuit Plants Patches Overview

Is this Sound Pack compatible with Novation Circuit Tracks?

Circuit Tracks uses the same sound engine as Circuit so they are theoretically compatible. In the download folder there’s also a Circuit Tracks Sound Pack included that contains all Patches and Samples. Please note that the demo sessions are currently missing, but the conversion may only take a couple of weeks and should be included by End of February. All else works just fine.

1 review for Novation Circuit Plants

  1. basti.s (verified owner)

    I love melodic techno alà Joachim Pastor, NTO, Solee, Joris Delacroix etc. and this is by far my absolute favorite pack! Love it, great job!

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Limbic Bits Sound Design

Limbic Bits is sound designer, electronic music producer and synth nerd. With over twenty years of experience, Limbic Bits provide patch banks for hardware and software synthesisers – find out on his Youtube channel ( With a strong focus on Ambient, IDM, (Melodic) Techno and Electronica, Limbic Bits is a great resource for lush pads, versatile textures and complex leads.

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