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Limbic Bits Sound Design

Limbic Bits is sound designer, electronic music producer and synth nerd. With over twenty years of experience, Limbic Bits provide patch banks for hardware and software synthesisers – find out on his Youtube channel (http://youtube.com/c/limbicbits). With a strong focus on Ambient, IDM, (Melodic) Techno and Electronica, Limbic Bits is a great resource for lush pads, versatile textures and complex leads.

Limbic Bits Sound Design
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ASM HydraSynth Flora by Limbic Bits Sound Design

patches suited to Ambient, Electronica & Techno

Flora by Limbic Bits is a sound pack for ASM’s Hydrasynth series. It features 70 new patches perfectly suited to Ambient, Techno and Electronica.
COMPATIBILITY: Hydrasynth Keyboard, Hydrasynth Desktop, Hydrasynth Deluxe, and Explorer!


    Elektron Analog Phenotype by Limbic Bits Sound Design

    Patches for Ambient and Techno

    Phenotype is a Sound Pack for Elektron Analog Four MKI, Keys and MKII. Created for producers of Ambient and Techno, this Sound Bank features lush pads, trippy dub chords, dark textures and melancholic leads. You will also get powerful basses and a selection of drums and percussion patches.
    COMPATIBILITY: Elektron Analog Four MKI, Keys and MKII


      Novation Circuit Plants by Limbic Bits Sound Design

      Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica


      Melodic Techno producers, Ambient artists or those who are into Electronica should have a deeper look into “Plants“. Limbic Bits second sound pack for Novation Circuit includes 64 patches completely designed from scratch.

      COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks & OG Circuit (Please Note Sessions are not Compatible with Circuit Tracks)


        Novation Peak Extinction by Limbic Bits Sound Design

        The definitive pack for the Novation Peak?

        Extinction is a patch bank for Novation Peak. Focussed on rich pads, swirling textures and complex leads this Patch Bank is best suited to genres like Ambient, IDM and Electronica. Included are 86 completely new patches plus eight wavetables, exclusively designed for this Sound Pack.
        COMPATIBILITY: Novation Peak


          Elektron Digitone Nemesis

          Patches for Ambient, Dub and Melodic Techno

          Nemesis is a sound pack for Elektron Digitone. With this pack you’ll get 128 new patches plus 18 patterns (20 kits in total), crafted for genres such as Ambient, IDM, Dub and Melodic Techno. Included are more than 40 patches and textures, a vast selection of basses and of course a broad variety of leads and dub chords.
          COMPATIBILITY: Elektron Digitone


            Novation Circuit Elements by Limbic Bits Sound Design

            Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica


            Elements is a patch bank for Novation Circuit & Circuit Tracks. It contains two Banks of 32 patches each including warm pads, vast digital textures, analogue basses and complex leads. To start right away, this pack additionally features 64 samples with a selection of kicks, percussion and hihats!

            COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks



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